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Nourish Your Skin with Pure, Authentic Ayurveda Self-Care Products

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Are you a cosmetic and skincare junkie? Do you bargain binge and buy far more than you need because it’s on sale? When you catch wind of a new ‘amazing’ cosmetic line or beauty product, do you shell out big cha-ching because it’s supposed to make you look a gazillion years younger? It didn’t really work, so it now resides in a draw full of lotion, potions, creams, and skincare elixirs that have also been sitting there for years – maybe even a decade?

Are you using these old skincare products but noticing your skin breaking out more and your wrinkles are exaggerated? We wouldn’t eat food that has expired, so common sense says we shouldn’t use old cosmetics and skincare products. Dipping our not so clean fingers repeatedly in our skincare products, plus bacteria growth can lead to breakouts and infections. Our skin can become red, puffy, swollen, itchy, irritated, acne, pink eye, and a whole lot more.

There are many factors that affect our skin, two of them are cosmetics with toxic ingredients and expired skincare products. Compounded, they are a formula for skincare disaster. Cosmetics and skincare products all have expiration dates! The fact that you have a drawn full implies that you are not happy with the results and keep looking for a better brand. The key is to find an organic brand that is made from pure, natural ingredients and is effective. For me and many others, it’s the Ajara and iYura skincare lines. Here are some of their popular products.

Day & Night Face Duo – Best Seller!

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iYURA Kesaradi, our ‘3 drops daily to drop-dead gorgeous’ formula, leaves you with a fresh, dewy glow that fetches you those heartwarming compliments as you begin the day.   

And iYURA Manjish Glow Elixir – the fan-favorite Night Oil that not just gently soothes and moisturizes the tired-looking skin but also ensures that you wake up with the morning skin that looks youthful, refreshed, nourished.

Prinourish Skin-Enriching Superfood Serum

Prinourish Superfood Serum

♥ This serum has a unique vegan blend of 4 rich oils to rejuvenate neglected and undernourished skin.
♥ The 11 Ayurvedic herbs including fruits, herbs, and spices used in this formula, nurture, and plump-up the look of pallid skin.
♥ Is the richest booster you could add to your daily skincare products to get a whole volley of benefits from multiple plant sources.
♥ Adds moisture and seals in hydration for long-lasting softness.
♥ Supports a smoother pore-less appearance.
♥ Works instantly to brighten dull, ashen skin.
♥ Cleanses the pores, doesn’t clog them.

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Try Me Kit

If you are new to The Ayurveda Experience and not sure which oils resonate with your energy, they have created a beautiful Try Me Kit featuring 6 of their premium oils. Contains Kesaradi Daily Face Oil, Manjish Glow Elixir, Ambhring Age Embracing Revitalizer and Hair Oil, Rujahari Joint Oil, Rukshadi Dry Scalp and Hair Nectar, and Vyam Yoga Oil.

Use code Lilac10 to get an additional 10% off!

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