200 Best Smoothie Bowl Recipes

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you’ll know I’m wild about smoothies. I make them every day and my family enjoys them. Smoothies are a thick, smooth, and creamy drink that’s made with fresh and high vibe foods. They’re quick to make, delicious to drink, and handy to transport. But, I recently learned of a new way to serve and amp up the nutritional factor in smoothies by adding tempting toppings. My new book 200 Best Smoothie Bowl Recipes has got me hooked on enjoying smoothies with a spoon.

Smoothie Bowl Recipes




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  • Green Creations
  • Kid-Friendly Smoothie Bowls
  • Anytime Smoothie Bowls
  • Coffee & Tea Smoothie Bowls
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Smoothie Bowls are awesome; you can combine any foods to create an explosion of rich flavors. Then you top it off with your favorite fruits, cereals, nuts, seeds, protein powders, or yogurt. It’s as simple as that! The only change really is using less liquid to create a thicker texture.

I was impressed with the creativity and fusion of different flavors this book has to offer. I would have never thought of making smoothies with tea or coffee, but their characteristic flavors make for some exciting and addictive recipes. The Coconut Coffee Smoothie and Espresso Smoothie Bowl are decadent and abundant in flavor. If you’re goofy about coffee, then these recipes totally appeal to you.

I’m big on green smoothies, and there are around 40 unique and tasty green creations to try out. I love young Thai coconuts, so I was naturally drawn to the Green Coconut Bowl. It’s filled with all the ingredients I like. Although the recipe only calls for coconut water, I used the whole coconut for a denser consistency and a boost of flavor. It’s divine!

Smoothie bowl Green Coconut

No recipe book is complete without a kids section, and this book does not let you down. 200 Best Smoothie Bowls has devoted a whole chapter to 31 kid-friendly recipes. There are several cooking shows on TV that focus on kids showing off their culinary skills. They’ve inspired a few young family members to up their sleeves and make some fun smoothie bowls for breakfast and snacks.

Kids have such great imaginations and are not inhibited by flavor combinations. They mingle ingredients that they feel would go great together. Peanut butter is always one of their first options the kiddo’s go for, so it was no surprise they chose to make the Peanut Butter Cup recipe! It’s filling, yummy, and you’re unlimited with topping choices.

The smoothie bowls are quickly becoming a welcomed addition to our daily routine. They’re refreshing, an excellent source of nutrition, and satisfy our cravings. This book is perfect for my culinary collection.

Disclaimer: I received a product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.