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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Every autumn North Americans spend oodles of money on Halloween decorations, candy, and costumes for their kids and their pets. It’s a festive time for the kiddo’s, but it can be dangerous and traumatizing for pets. We can make this Halloween super safe for our pets by following a few easy steps. Check out the Halloween Safety Tips for Pets.

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

1. Trick or Treat Candy is NOT for animals.  Chocolate is a dangerous and poisonous food for pets, it can cause some gastrointestinal issue, heart problems, seizures and even death, especially for dogs. Be extremely cautious of any candies made with the xylitol. It’s an artificial sweetener that has been proven to be poisonous to dogs. Although xylitol’s toxicity in cats is still undetermined, why take any chances. Keep these products in a secure place where your pets will not have access to them or don’t have them in your home at all.

2. Keep your pets indoors. Don’t leave your pet outdoors where they can be easily frightened, teased, or may even get loose because someone left the gate open. Make sure your pets have an ID tag on them in case they do dart out the door or yard. Remember pets can quickly get spooked and overwhelmed with unfamiliar people in strange costumes coming into your yard and ringing your doorbell. Dogs may react aggressively and growl in an effort to protect its environment. Keeping them in the home and away from the door is kind and considerate to your pet.

3. Don’t Put Your Pet in a Costume. We may enjoy seeing our pets in cute outfits, but it can be incredibly annoying and unsafe for your pet. If you have to dress your pet, make sure the costume is loose, easy to remove, and does not obstruct their vision.

4. Don’t Keep Lit Decorations Near Pets. There are many holiday decorations like Jack-o-lanterns and candles that require a flame. These can be very dangerous to pets and family. It offers a potential to burn your pets and a great chance of being knocked over and starting a fire.

5. Keep Wires Out of Reach. Pets love to chew on wires and plastic. They could possibly choke on the wire or get an electric shock. Keeping ornaments safely out of your pets reach is imperative.

What we can do is offer a peaceful and quiet area where our pets can relax during Halloween. We want our pets to feel safe and secure so having their favorite bed, blanket and toy around them would be reassuring. Make sure they have plenty of fresh water and a dish of healthy pet food.

Happy Halloween!!



  • I have always kept my pets sanctioned off to a part of the house with their food, bed and anything that is comforting to them. That way the knocking and fireworks are less disruptive.

  • My cats run and hide in my room every time the doorbell rings so I don’t worry about them getting out. I do make sure that all the candy isn’t where they can get to it.

  • I don’t worry about anything. I crate and everyone knows to be calm that I got this (have 3 large bulls). They get rewarded with a nice treat for the time they are crated. Everyone is happy.

  • Good tips, although we have pug costume contests and pug trick-or-treating at the business downtown… so much fun and the pugs must be dressed up. But we all have them on leashes or carried, and everyone has a lot of fun!

  • Halloween is stressful for my dogs — I put them in the bedroom upstairs with their beds so that they are away from all of the activity.

  • Here’s a tip for people with pets that scare easily. Block the doorbell button so it cannot be used. We sit near the door as well so we can see the little ghosts and goblins coming and treat them before they get a chance to knock.

  • Thunder shirts are great for pets who scare easily and might be startled by the doorbell ringing and fire crackers.

  • very important tips! I have to try to keep my cat inside before the trick or treaters come around this year,! 🙂

  • We have a black cat with whom we have to take special care. For almost the entire month he is on lock-down in the house (which he doesn’t like) because some people are very stupid and mean and they might hurt him.

  • I put my dog in the bathroom with the exhaust fan running to drowned out the noise of kids coming to the door trick or treating to keep her from getting upset until their gone which I always give her a dingo bones to keep her happy while she’s put up

  • These are excellent tips, I know that my cats get very nervous with the constant trick or treating traffic, except for my one girl who is always trying to dart out. I’ll admit I put costumes on my cats but only briefly- long enough to take a few pictures then the costume come off. I knew about chocolate for dogs and was unsure about cats but I’ve always done the better safe than sorry approach myself. Thanks for posting these important tips!

  • We definitely keep the treats away because honestly, my cat will eat anything he finds. He pretty much stays away from the doors but we have a decal on the window that indicates that there is a cat living in the house, in case of FIRE or Emergency.

  • i dont have any near by neighbors so i dont have to worry abt kids and i dont buy candy. i do go to dog halloween events with my dogs, but dont let them use the community water, i bring my own water. i do dress my pets for the costume events but take them off as soon as they are over. i make my own costumes.

  • Both of my cats are elderly and kids scare them- so during the Trick or Treat hours I keep them in a safe room with toys & catnip.

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday but it’s also the one that worries me most when it comes to pets. Some people aren’t nice.

  • This is going to be our first Halloween with our puppy. We’re going to keep her in the crate and pass candy out from the end of the drive-way so the knocking /and door bell won’t occur.

  • Too much chance of an escape with the door opening and closing all evening, so the pets are kept securely out of harm’s way on Hallowe’en.

  • Lots of great tips. I make sure our cat is inside Halloween night because some kids can be very cruel and Ive heard horror stories on what has been done to animals on that particular night so better safe than sorry

  • My animals get too upset by Halloween so we go to visit a friend who lives in a neighborhood where there is no trick or treating. My animals come first.

  • Our two dogs love all the attention from the trick or treaters but every time the doorbell goes, it is a nightmare. barking and running and trying to get out the front door, not sure if I will be participating in Halloween this year.

  • Our cat is afraid and always hides but our 2 poodles like to greet the haloweenies at the door. We allow this because they have been trained not to cross the threshold until we give them permission, so there is no danger of them running out. They both love children and love saying hello at the door. The kids love them.

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