Peter Pauper Colored Pencil Set & Roll-Up Canvas Pencil Wrap

The introduction of adult coloring books has opened up a whole new, pleasurable way to relax and de-stress. Book and retail stores are trying to keep up with the demand. More and more companies are creating interesting and attractive coloring books that cover a plethora of subjects from dragons to flowers, to intrinsic to geometric designs, just for adults. The only supplies we need to accompany our coloring books is a good set of colored pencils. And, having an adult set of coloring pencils is what Peter Pauper offers.

Peter Pauper Press stays up on trends and carries a diverse supply of coloring books along with the companion Studio Series Colored Pencil Set.

This colored pencil set offers a wide range of hues to get you started. The Premium colored pencils have soft-core leads that shade and blend beautifully. The kit includes:
*30 premium pencils in a spectrum of colors.
*Basic tips for using colored pencils
*Convenient transparent reusable storage case

I confess that when the little kiddos come over and visit, I enjoy coloring with them. I have a deluge of coloring books and a big box of crayons for them. But it’s so much nicer to have a set of higher quality colored pencils along with a creative coloring book for my own use.

I love this set of colored pencils, the pigments are so vibrant that they make your images come alive. There also a better quality, you hardly have to press to shade in your image. They glide smoothly and evenly and sharpen nicely. I have cheaper colored pencils that do not sharpen well and break very easily. I thought it was fabulous that the kit included an eraser and sharpener, usually, I have to purchase one separately.

The Studio Series Colored Pencil Set comes in a plastic reusable case that fashions a handle for easy carrying. Although it’s not fragile, after many uses, it will break. Peter Pauper has thought of this too and has a handy Roll-Up Canvas Pencil Wrap to store your colored pencils in.

pp canvas wrap with pencils

This stylish and practical case offers a place to put your necessary art supplies for coloring. The kit comes with:
*30 elastic slots, plus 3 pockets for accessories
*Holds pens, pencils, markers, brushes, crochet hooks, smaller knitting needles, eraser, and sharpener
*Perfect for on-the-go drawing, painting, or crafting
*Classic canvas construction with leatherette trim.
*Easy, secure snap closure

The Roll-up Canvas Wrap is ideal for carrying all your colored pencils. Your supplies can be organized to suit your needs. Everything fits in nicely and is secured with elastics, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out. You simply roll it up and snap it close. It’s soft, flexible and doesn’t take up much storage space. If you’re going to invest in a better quality colored pencil set, then storing them in a case is ideal.

Coloring is cheaper than therapy. You can tune the outer world out while you absorbing yourself in a spectrum of colors as the flow across the page.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.