Peter Pauper Record Keeper

Where would we be if we didn’t have products to keep our domestic chaos organized? Nowadays we need pins and passwords for every program, credit card, or site we log into. Remembering this information can be quite a challenge no matter how stellar our memory. Peter Pauper has got a great selection of products that will keep all your important details in one place. Whether you’re noting passwords, recording your family history, or jotting down a secret family recipe, they’ve got you covered.

My biggest issue is recalling passwords. I use different passwords for each site I log into and yes it’s overwhelming, especially if you change them regularly. I found The Personal Internet Address & Password Logbook ideal for my needs.

Your headaches are over thanks to this handy little log book with lots of attributes. It dons an attractively embossed cover, has 144 lined pages, and is organized with A – Z tabs. There is room for important numbers and date in the back of the book. There are also some free pages for extra notes. It has a matching elastic band to keep your book secure, a sturdy coiled spine, and it fits anywhere. 4-1/4 inches wide by 5-3/4 inches high (10.8 cm wide by 14.6 cm wide).

Genealogy is a big part of some families and details about family genealogy, children, relatives, pets, family gatherings, favorites, and traits are significant to them. I’ve recently tried to create a family tree but keeping track of whose name goes where is daunting. Peter Paupers Our Family Tree, can simplify the process.

I was impressed with the work that went into creating this journal. They’ve considered every branch in our family tree from marriages to pets, to education, to family health issues.

The family tree starts with you and your immediate family and branches up and down. The pages that follow allow you to fill all the intricate details you want to keep forever.

There are separate ancestral charts for her and him, milestones, citizenship, and even a place to record what you and your family like. This is a great place to share recipes or your hobbies. A precious place is in the back where you can paste keepsakes, memorabilia or cherished photos. There are also tips on how to start your search for your ancestors.

Our Family Tree is an heirloom treasure to be passed on to the next generation. I like the idea of having control over what you share; they may be insignificant to others, but important to you. It’s heartwarming to know that far up the lineage, some future family member will look back and think fondly of you for taking the time to record your life. Swing by Peter Pauper site and check out all their other record keeping journals. There’s something for everyone.