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Sidewalk Shawl Pattern

Now that we’re in the mid flow of September, the evenings are a lot cooler and shorter. I like to wrap myself up in a cozy shawl made from soft and fluffy yarn. I found a great pattern that’s gorgeous and easy to make, the Sidewalk Shawl.

Sidewalk Shawl Pattern


I don’t think shawls have ever been out of style. They can be made in various shapes and with innumerable patterns. I make several every year because I want a different color and design. The Sidewalk Shawl has a lovely crocheted pineapple pattern that I love. I didn’t use the yarn they suggested; my mother hand spun colored roving to the the correct gauge. It turned out perfect. You can use any worsted weight yarn whether plain or textured and you’ll get a great result.

Click on the image below for the free pattern.

Sidewalk Shawl

I didn’t put the fringes around the shawl as my four cats would constantly attack or play with them. I simply crocheted around the edge with a matching color. I think it looks great.


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