Skechers Family Footwear

September is one of my favorite months, and I wish it lasted longer. Brilliant colors cascade our landscapes; the weather is perfect, it’s harvest time, and the kids have gone back to school. Getting them all geared up for school includes footwear, but not just any footwear.

I wouldn’t call the kiddos persnickety, but there are times when we have to collaborate and negotiate on which shoes they will agree to wear. With Skechers, there was no problem. They have so many fun color and styles that will please even the most finicky person.

Kids are rambunctious; they run, jump, climb, skip, slide, hop, and kick, so you want a hardy shoe that will tolerate all the wear and tear bestowed upon them. The SKECH-AIR 3.0 – RUPTURE’s are just the shoes that can handle busy boys. They’re sporty athletic training sneakers that check all the boxes.

Skech-Air 3.0 Rupture

They have leather and mesh fabric uppers with stitching accents. They also have a gel infused memory foam insole,  translucent air cushion sole, layered shock absorbing midsole, a flexible rubber traction outsole, and padded collar and tongue, that makes every step and every bounce super comfortable.

Buying shoes for this seven year old has been a challenge. Most shoes we’ve tried would either chafe or leave fiction burns on his heels and a few toes. Skechers have more wiggle room in the toe area and padded heels, so they fit nice and comfy. The Skech-Air 3.0 – Rupture are the first pair of sneakers that he could put on and wear without the need to breaking them in, and without any discomfort, so everyone is pleased.

skechers-ruptureThe SKECHERS Skech-Air 3.0 – Rupture shoes also have a great look the boys love wearing. The cool colored stripe detail on the side panels and the bright blue translucent sole add the finishing touches.


Every little girl loves sparkles, so let’s start off with what’s important in her eyes when it comes to shoes. The S LIGHTS: LITEBEAMS will sport multi-colored lights with each step, and they come if four different glittery and very pretty contrasting ombre color schemes. The cool part is the lights can be controlled with an On/Off Button. However, the Infant/Toddler sizes do not include the On/Off Button feature.


For little kids, the bungee stretch laced front panel is ideal for those who haven’t learned to tie laces yet. All they have to do is slip on the shoes and secure the adjustable side hook and loop closure.


The wide toe area, soft fabric lining and padded collar and tongue will ensure your children’s feet will be comfortable. This 3 year old, call them her princess Lightbeam shoes.


The S LIGHTS: ERUPTERS II – LAVA ARC’s are perfect for toddlers with unstable footing and just learning to walk because they offer lots of support. This little guy loves to run and hasn’t learned where his brakes are yet. These Skechers offer him support and a stable foundation.


As kids, the first thing they’re attracted to is the vibrant colors and of course, the bright and sparkly lights that beam and flash with each step. As parents, we’re attracted to the cushioned comfort insole, the shock absorbing midsole, and the flexible nonmarking traction rubber outsole. We thought the S LIGHTS: ERUPTERS II – LAVA ARC’s were suitable for this young rascal. Skechers makes a variety of shoes for toddlers that offer stability, comfort and are budget friendly.

Although I’ve heard about Skechers, I’ve only been wearing them for a few years, and they are my favorite. I do have color preferences, but my wants are first of all comfort, and here Skechers has never let me down.


I can get really cranky if my feet hurt, so I won’t wear any shoes that exacerbate pain and discomfort. Wearing Skechers is like wearing slippers; my feet feel at peace. The FLEX APPEAL 2.0 have everything I’m looking for in an athletic shoe. They have the Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole, padded collar and tongue, lightweight shock absorbing midsole, super flexible rubber traction outsole, and woven ventilating mesh panels at front and sides.

Skechers also has some pretty wild and bright colors, which I like as well. I guess I’m a kid at heart. I hike a lot in densely treed areas and I like to wear intense colors so I’m noticed by man and animal.


Skechers are everyday shoes for everyday people going about their everyday lives. They’re made for walking, running, and skipping through life… that’s just want they do best. We love our Skechers!