Preschoolers Learn & Playtime

Preschoolers learn through play. Toys, books, and puzzles are all fun, but they’re also significant tools that help kids learn, explore, and interact with the wonderful world around them. Unstructured playtime is essential for the healthy growth and development of children. As kids play, they learn to solve problems, bond, develop their social, emotional, motor and cognitive skills, and learn to communicate. Play also stimulates their creativity. Chronicle Books has oodles of products that expands young minds and makes learning fun.

Adventure Puzzle


The Adventure Puzzle offers two oversized and colorful puzzles in one. One side of the puzzle shows a sunny and balmy day at the beach, and the reverse side shows kids having a blast playing in the snow. There are 20 large, thick puzzle pieces that small hands can easily manipulate. This puzzle is perfect to teach kiddo’s about the different seasons including temperature, precipitation, clothing, and weather appropriate activities.

Animals Matching Game


Kids love animals and the Animal Matching game allows them to learn more about familiar animals and discover new ones. Kids can visually see what color the animals are, how big they are, and if they are land, water, or air critters. They also tried to make the sounds of each animal. The tiles are large, sturdy and ideal for small hands. The 18 different animal cards will build memory, concentration, and matching skills. Kids are perceptive, we have four cats and they discovered there were none in the deck.

Punch Out + Play Game Book


Punch Out & Play is one big playtime book filled with fun and bedazzling activities for kids. It offers 10 different puzzles and 13 classic games, such as Memory, Go Fish, Dominoes, and Crazy Eights. It also introduced us to new games like ‘Pig.’ Each game has a big colorful envelope to store all the pieces. This book provides hours of play for kids of all ages.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.