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Ideas for Decorating a Christmas Tree Without Getting Gaudy

As we approached the holiday season, our thoughts are centered around what foods we’ll bake, gifts to make and buy and our home decor. As kids, we used to love decorating the Christmas tree with lights, tinsel, and standard ornaments. It looked the same every year, and we never thought to amp it up with other decorations. Today, they are so many different ways to spruce up our Christmas tree without looking gaudy. Here are a few steps to creating a tree that reflects the holiday spirit.


Choosing a tree is up to one’s tastes. Some prefer a real tree, while others are conscious of the environmental impact and opt for an artificial tree. Artificial trees offer less hassle, less mess, less cost, and they can be reused yearly. They come in a variety of colors and sizes that will fit your budget and room size.

Pick a color scheme. Sticking to one to three colors will make the tree look cohesive and complete. Some color suggestions are deciding on cool or warm colors. Cool colors have blue undertones (green, purple, blue and silver) and warm colors (red, orange and gold) have red undertones. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Classic red, green and white. You can accent your green tree with red ornaments, garland, ribbons and candy canes. To add some commanding presence, use metallic gold or silver tinsel.
  • Wintry colors, like blue, silver, white, purple, and pink are perfect for a frosty effect. Decorate with clear, white or blue lights and ornaments for a dramatic look.
  • Metallic colors, such as gold, silver, and bronze offer an elegant look. They can be mixed and matched well with each other and can be accented with clear lights.
  • Greens & Browns offer a more natural Mother Nature look. Earth tones are warm, cozy and very relaxing. You could accent with soft white lights and hang gold ornaments and scented pine cones on the tree.
  • Parchment & White are elegant and neutral colors that will blend with any decor. Gold accents and clear lights add pop to this look.

Pick a theme. To make your tree look united, chose a specific theme and add colors and props that are harmonious. Some people will choose standard themes like snowflakes, angels, snowmen, candy canes, or nutcrackers. Today, though, anything goes. Some new themes are Star Wars, the Grinch, Disney, Elves, Harry Potter, Gingerbread men, and the list can go on and on.

The Christmas tree is the focal point of the room and decorating it with family creates unforgettable memories. I’m big on moose decor, so when my family sees something with a moose on it, they get it for our tree. Our tree is a little eclectic; we like to combine the old with the new, like hanging family photos in festive frames, heirloom decorations, and new ornaments. We hang our hearts on the tree and that’s what decorating a Christmas tree is all about.



  • I had to laugh at your title. Gaudy pretty much describes our Christmas tree. Never thought to choose a theme. maybe we’ll try that this year. Great suggestions.

  • I never have a theme i like different ornaments so whenever my family goes away they each get me an ornament so I dont have all the same bulbs, I also like lots of color and lots of lights

  • I never have a themed nor colour coordinated tree. It gets decorated with mainly special decorations that I’ve collected on my travels. I do miss having real candles burning on a real tree though.

  • I love to use mostly old ornaments that I have from when I was a kid. Just adds to the sharing of the tradition with my child! We even have the same tree! My parents bought it at Zellers over 20 years ago!

  • I love trees that have been decorated with a theme. They are usually so beautiful. We have a lot of handmade and kiddie ornaments so we can’t really create one of these themes.

  • I have never had a theme tree.. our tree is a ‘memory’ type tree, most ornaments are handmade and everything that the kids made from school or made for the tree!. I even have a piece of garland from my first christmas, it is inside a clear ormament ball. Everything on our tree holds a memory! We ususally have a REAL tree, after the tree goes down I save 3 pieces of a branch, wrap it and date it,when the kids move out they will each get them ….and I save some needles into a clear ornament , decorate and date it also!One day the kids will have their own memories to put on their trees!

  • I love your suggestions for decorating our Christmas Tree. Over the years our children(now adults) have given us many decorations. I have bought some ornaments and made some and they are as much a part of our Christmas as our turkey, fruitcake and Christmas Eve Pizza.

  • Every year for a stocking stuffer my parents get us a Christmas ornament. All us kids now have a good size collection. We mark the date on each one. It’s a good tradition.

  • Great tree. The family tree doesn’t have much of a theme, and we love lots of colour at Christmas time. I do have a second tree for our family room which has a baseball theme. Every year I get a baseball Christmas ornament and the tree so that is my special tree.

  • My husband grew up with a just blue and silver Christmas and I grew up with all our kid ornaments put on each year… We have put that together with my husbands need for colour and I guess ours can be described as gaudy but to us we love it and it’s perfect!

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