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Post Christmas Blues, How to Get Past Them!

The hype, expectation, and build up of the holiday season usually starts in early November for most of us. And it continues to grow with festive frenzy right up to Christmas day with music, gift buying, baking, decorating, parties, and so on. Now we only have New Years to look forward to, but that doesn’t seem as big a celebration like Christmas, at least to me.

Come January 1 and we are not only stuck with a week of chores like taking down the tree and lights, putting away the ornaments, and recycling paper, we also start feeling the after holidays let down, and a strange sadness. It’s hard to stay happy when the festive season is over. Life has gone back to normal. So how do we get past this post-Christmas blues, this depression, this limbo, this lingering emptiness, this post-holiday slump?

Grieve & Reminisce! Some of us will have family and friends that come from worldwide destinations, so we don’t get to see them often, and it’s painfully sad when they leave. Gather all your holiday pictures and remember the moments. Feel your emotions deep in your soul and laugh, cry, get angry or shout if you need to. Write a journal about the events that took place this holiday season for you and your family. Share the good, the bad, and any glitches that happened. Next year, you’ll laugh about them. Make a 2016 Christmas collage out of your favorite photos and revisit it daily until you feel comfortable enough to put it away till next Christmas.

Resolutions! Most of us feeling guilty and ashamed after over-indulging in holiday sweets and treats. Now is the time to let that go and regroup. Focus on your resolutions and the good things you will do in 2017.

Volunteer! As blunt as this sounds, our life is pretty good compared to some. Now might be the time to think of others and volunteer at your local hospital, church, food bank, library, animal shelter, or community charity.

Get the Urge to Purge! I started going through all my closets and discarding items I no longer wear, don’t fit, or I don’t like. This purge includes shoes, toys, appliances and other household items that charities would appreciate to have for those who are in need.

Get Outside! I love taking walks in the crisp winter air. It’s refreshing and it blows all the holiday cobwebs out of your system. Go skating, sledding or skiing with your family. Make snowmen, snow angels, snow fort, or feed the birds. We have a few bird feeders in our front yard and it’s amazing how many birds depend on the seeds for nourishment during the cold, cold months.

Read, Relax and Reflect! Get out those books you’ve been meaning to read and enjoy every page. Sit by the fire and color or do a jigsaw puzzle. Learn a new skill. I love to knit and crochet so I always have several projects on the go. It’s relaxing and productive. Recall past Christmas’s with your family and relive cherished moments.

Connect With Friends! Get in touch with friends or colleagues that you haven’t seen over the holiday season and find out how their Christmas went. Stay away from any holiday complaints or commissaries. Keep the conversation upbeat and positive and share some humorous events that happened so you can giggle together. Sharing humor is a great way to lift the spirits.

Be grateful! Lastly, think of all the blessings you have in your life. Life is so good!

Look Forward! Looking ahead to the next holiday is fun and exciting. Soon Valentine decorations, candy and gifts will be filling the stores.


  • No blues here. Although, I love all the good home cooking and baking and being with my family for a few days. I am always glad when it ends and dread the next one coming.

  • My blues won’t hit till my daughter has to go back to school. It is so wonderful to have the whole day with her. LOL She is only in high school and I spend time with her but we have been shopping and exercising and going for walks. I love it. We had to put our beloved dog down last week so I hope I don’t get hit again.

  • Good list, thank you for the suggestions. I really need to purge and donate a lot of unused clothing and household items.

  • I-was-born-to-LOVEEEE-Christmas-and-holidays…I-was-literally-born-Christmas-Day…

  • very good tips there although I can’t say I ever get the blues after Christmas. I love the less hectic time & just look after myself for a bit & read a good novel or do things I love to do but totally didn’t have time for during the mad rush before Xmas.

  • Those are good suggestions for the blues. I have depression and my folks have passed away a little over 10 yrs. ago. The holidays haven’t been the same since. I have to have my curtains open every day for extra light and hope that the sun will shine. Winter is so gloomy! So anyway, I fight the blues for months. You just have to keep busy, no matter what you do.

  • Great tips! Purging, getting outside and volunteering are my favorite. Having a vacation to look forward to after Christmas helps me too(when it fits in the budget).

  • Great ideas. I try to start the New Year by totally decluttering clothes I haven’t worn in ages and donate them if they are in excellent condition or otherwise get rid of them

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