8 Steps to Creating a Beautiful Landscaped Front Yard

Curb appeal, does your home have it? Your front yard is your signature, your calling card, your badge of honor, or dishonor. What does your front yard say about you? With the right trees, shrubbery, plants, rocks, and pottery, you can turn your front yard into a picturesque and envious showpiece. So how can we transform our yard from uninspiring and weed bearing to breathtaking and eye-catching?

Determine your ability. First, you have to determine if the changes you want to make are within your skill or energy level. Removing grass, dead trees, and old stonework is laborious, so you may have to bring in the pros who have the equipment to get it done quickly and efficiently. Also, are you familiar with different soil types for various plants? Do your research before buying a bunch of plants and plopping them in the ground. You can always get advice from your local greenhouse.

Determine how much needs to be done. Reflective on the current condition of your yard and your desired results, your style may determine how much you are able to accomplish on your own. Adding new flower beds or a border, or trying new plants may be all the tweaking you need. These simple changes can still maximize your existing yard elements and lend themselves to do-it-yourself landscaping.

Figure out your style. The color and architectural style of your home is a good place to glean inspiration. For example, a Victorian home lends itself to a formal garden. But, this should not stop you from creating a zen oasis if that’s what resonates with you. Or perhaps you’re drawn to a Tuscan theme or want a Xeriscape landscape. Once you choose a landscape style, be detailed oriented, for what is neglected or ignored will invariably become an eyesore.

Have fun designing. Remember our yards are express how we feel, so we are the artist of our landscape canvas. Play up the casual elements of your home. Don’t be afraid to explore meandering paths, lush and colorful plants, and a bit of whimsy if they fit. Incorporate delicate climbing floral vines and colorful plants to embellish and soften the look of your the landscape.

Create a mood. All landscape designs create a mood and influence our senses. Observe your home and decide what feeling you want to create. You can go bold, vibrant and flamboyant or feature plants that are cozy, whimsical, and intimate.

Incorporate materials. If you have brick or a stone facade on your home, you can incorporate the same material in your landscape. You can also use the same siding on garden sheds, hose covers, a dog house, or architectural accent on your gate or fence.

Don’t be impulsive. How many times have you gone to a garden center and be enthralled with a piece, only to have it end up as clutter because it doesn’t fit in with your theme? Before you buy, evaluate what’s a good fit for your theme and your budget. Plus, determine if it’s easy to install, upkeep and maintain on your own. An example would be bricks, pavers, flagstones, and rocks. If you’re familiar with placing these landscape materials, hire an expert so it’s done correctly.

Stick to your budget. Once you’ve got a design planned out, put numbers to it so you know what your budget will be this and the following years to come. If your design is expensive, break it down into doable pieces spread out over a few years. Be realistic and start with the basic design and build from there.



  • We have a 3 tiered front lawn. The bottom 2 are done with grass and scrubs and mulch. The top is what we are focusing on this summer! We have grass, hoping to plant some colourful flowers near the houe. It can be expensive so we had a budget every year and stuck to it.

  • What a lovely front yard in this photo. I wish ours could be like that, unfortunately we have very little space at the front of our house due to the 3 car wide driveway. I love gardening and agree it’s very important to plan budget wise and of course according to the weather where you live too as in what zone it is in.

  • That is a beautiful yard, sadly I have no green thumb at all, and right now my front yard is really nothing to look at!

  • Wonderful advise and what a BEAUTIFUL yard and home. We are retired and Love to garden. But we are learning to think long term on what we will be able to do in the future. We also get a lot of drought now in the summer so we have to take that into consideration. LOTS of mulch. Thank you again 🙂

  • This is my first Spring/Summer in my new home.I have been busy in the garden,creating beds and plabting perrenials and annuals.Love this time of year.

  • My yard is a hodge podge of flower beds, vegetable garden, a few fruit trees, no real coherence. Would be nice to have it all look like it belonged as a planned area.

  • well, i live in an apartment but if i lived in a house I would love to have a great garden, yard etc.
    i would definately hire a landscaper as its worth it.

  • What a lot of great advice. I wish I could afford to do everything that I wanted to do on the outside of my house. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head….

  • I really like the photo at the top of this giveaway. I think that most gardeners probably would not have the resources to have such a front yard. Most of us do what we love, planting the plants suitable to our sun/shade growing conditions and our climate. My beds are based on perennials but have annuals for ‘fill-ins’ because of our harsh winters. One never knows what plants will be winter-killed or a meal for a hungry skunk. We do the best we can. The tips are very good.

  • It’s fun to landscape a front yard especially for a home just built in a new area. It’s so much easier to do this when nothing has previously been done.

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