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Gaiam Restore Massage Bundle

Stress, illness, chronic health conditions and injuries can cause tension in various parts of your body. This discomfort can leave us crippled in pain with less agility or mobility. The trouble is many ignore these physical symptoms and allow themselves to deteriorate further. But, we shouldn’t when there are lots of options that can relieve some of those aches and pains. Enter Gaiam.

Gaiam has a line of wellness tools called Restore that are designed to help you recover gently and get back to normal function. They’re small tools that deliver big.

 Dual Finger Massager

The Dual Finger Massager will increase circulation, reduce stiffness and soothe arthritic discomfort. It features a non-slip, easy-grip design with two sides for massage options. One side has two massage rollers that apply pressure to individual fingers, stimulating blood flow while also rolling out stiffness. The other side features one massage roller so you can target specific areas of pain in the fingers and hand.

  • Features two massage roller sides
  • No-slip and easy-grip design
  • Increase circulation, reduce stiffness and soothe arthritis
  • Includes downloadable exercise guide

My mother has arthritis in her hands but most often it’s one or two fingers that cause the most discomfort. This massager offers relief by stimulating blood flow to the finger worked on. She likes how easy it is to use and how nice it feels on her skin. The free guide showed my mom where the pressure points are and which direction to use the massager.

Neck and Back Reliever

The Neck & Back Reliever will reduce tension, stiffness, and soreness. Its ergonomic design targets tightness in the neck for total body relief, while the flexible handles allow customization of massage intensity. The textured massagers will stimulate blood flow and even help ease headache pain.

  • Reduces tension, stiffness, and soreness
  • Eases pain from headaches
  • Targets tightness in the neck and upper back
  • Flexible handles for customized massage intensity
  • Measurements: 11.63″L x 5″W

Sitting in front of a computer for hours every day I feel a strain in my neck and upper back. This handy massage will relieve tension in both areas with light pressure rolls. It feels nice, but I would add that you should tie your hair up first.

Adjustable Foot Roller

Completely customize your foot massage with this Adjustable Foot Roller. The seven independently spinning massagers can be rearranged hundreds of different ways, helping you release tension and relieve pain in the feet, calves, and lower legs.

  • Easy attach-and-remove wheels
  • 7 adjustable independently spinning massage rollers
  • Release tension and pain in the feet, calves, and legs
  • Downloadable exercise guide included

This massager works the arch, ball and heel of your foot. I like to use it in the evenings when my feet feel the worst. The little massagers are independent of each other and come in varying heights that you can arrange to fit your needs. I like the Foot Roller the way it can in the box; it works well for what I need.

All these massage tools are effective and inexpensive. If you’ve been dealing with aches, pains and strains, consider trying Gaiam’s Restore Wellness Tools.

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