350+ Knitting Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets

I’ve been knitting since I was a small kid and it’s become one of my favorite passions. It’s a humble craft that was once deemed boring, but has made a healthy comeback. It’s the new buzz hobby. I’m really happy to hear that more young people are learning to knit and they are getting a lot of help from resource books like my newest book 350 Knitting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets.

Give a stylish finish to your knitted garments and accessories with this essential compendium of knitting know-how. Over 350 tips, techniques, and secrets are explained and illustrated with clear step-by-step photographs and diagrams. I’m a visual learner, so the colored illustrations and photography are invaluable. I like to see what the stitch will look like before adding it to a project. You’ll also discover how to read patterns and charts, choose color and yarns, mix and match stitch patterns, and adapt designs for the perfect fit.

You’ll learn a plethora of stitches, from stockinette stitch and ribbing, to lace, Fair Isle, felting, cables, and intarsia work. As you practice each stitch, you’ll get comfortable with the steps. This book explains all the techniques you’ll need in the order you’ll need them, from casting on and joining in yarns, to shaping, and adding buttonholes, pockets, and embellishments. Plus, “Try It” and “Fix It” panels suggest ways of practicing and developing new skills and avoiding or correcting common knitting errors.

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, it’s nice to get guidance, tips and suggestions from those who have learned from making mistakes.


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