The Sasquatch People: Real or Hoax, Friend or Foe?

Kewaunee Lapseritis M.S.

Sasquatch! I think most of us have gotten past the point of whether they are real or not. With so many sighting and first-hand accounts, it’s hard to dismiss their existence. There are many native shamans and even ordinary people who’ve had interactions with the Sasquatch people and hearing their stories is eye-opening.

One such person is Jack ‘Kewaunee’ Lapseritis. Kewaunee is no ordinary person though, he is very skilled at this holistic craft and one can envision why the Sasquatch people would choose to interact with him. He has four academic degrees with a Masters in Science in Holistic Health, did a series of lectures at the Medical College of Wisconsin, studied with five Master Healers in the 1970’s and early ’80’s, is a Master Herbalist, is a trained Hypnotherapist, and has been working as a healthcare professional for 41 years now !!  He’s also written several books on about the Sasquatch People and has a website devoted to his experience with this group of people plus other beings. So are these beings friend or foe? Read Kewaunee’s story and keep an open mind.

Kewaunee is a social scientist, anthropologist, a shaman, a master dowser and a long time Sasquatch researcher. He grew up with wilderness skills so he had no fear of going into the forest to seek out the Sasquatch. His unusual first name is Apache for “he who travels in search of knowledge and brings that knowledge back to his people.”

Lapseritis most startling claim is that he communicates with Sasquatches and aliens telepathically. As you can imagine, this would not be an easy thing to confess. But he’s candid about his unusual ability to connect with these enlightened beings and openly shares his experiences and messages from the Sasquatch and Star people on various paranormal TV and radio shows.

So how did this unique reality begin for Kewaunee? When he was 12 when he stumbled across a Sasquatch article that ultimately changed his life forever. Little did he know that it would springboard his journey into the world of paranormal phenomena and crypto-anthropology – the study of hidden people. His thirst for answers compelled Kewaunee to reach out to various universities and research institutions in hopes of gleaning more insight and knowledge about the Sasquatch people.

Sasquatch photo captured April 1992 in Colorado Rockies

Lapseritis shares that his first encounter with a Sasquatch happened 38 years ago in September of 1979 on a farm in Wisconsin. He got the shock of his life on this day. Despite his credentials, he was ill prepared for this psychic experience. He says a Sasquatch started talking to him telepathically, and he was mystified where the voice was coming from. As credulous as it sounds, every time Lapseritis thought something, the Sasquatch would answer. Could it get any more bizarre? Well incredibly yes. Just moments after the connection with the Sasquatch, an ET telepathically told him that he was above in a UFO in another dimension. Definitely not your average day. He kept this experience to himself because he didn’t think anyone would believe him anyway.

It was around the mid 80’s when Kewaunee went public about his experiences with the Sasquatch and other alien beings. He confesses that it was a tough decision to share this information for fear of being ridiculed, but now he is quite comfortable discussing this topic with anyone. Today, he and his family have settled in Chewelah, Washington where they live a harmonious existence with the Sasquatch people and humans. Is Kewaunee the only one who has this unique relationship with the Sasquatch people and other aliens? No!

To date, Kewaunee Lapseritis has documented 359 people that have had friendly encounters and telepathic communication with the Sasquatch People. This does not include the thousands of others that have not reported it or spoken to him personally. I myself have spoken to over 70 communicators that Kewaunee has not, and many other “spokespersons” of the Sasquatch are documenting and counseling others with their experiences. This phenomenon continues to grow at a fast pace, and all communicators report the same type of messages of Love, Peace, Respect, and Ancient Wisdom.

Kewaunee’s relationship with the Sasquatch and ET’s has been a very positive experience. They have profound psychic abilities, they’re kind and 100 times more evolved than humans. In fact, they are far more human than we are. They don’t go around murdering each other, they don’t start wars and they don’t destroy the environment that sustains them like we do. He adds we could learn so much from the Sasquatch, but they are unapproachable because there are gun-wielding humans that are unpredictable and deceptive. So, they choose to connect with honest higher vibrationed humans that can be a voice for them. Kewaunee adds that these extraterrestrial beings asked him to write a book about his experiences, and to date, he has penned two — Sasquatch People and The Psychic Sasquatch & their UFO Connection.

I will be sharing several more articles written by Kewaunee Lapseritis in the months ahead. I hope you enjoy the information provided as much as I did.

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  • I love anything about the paranormal and I’ve read over some of the Sasquatch stories in the past. If they do exist, I hope they’re never caught. If they’ve existed all this time without bothering anyone, they probably want to remain hidden. I don’t think humans would be nice to them and that would make me sad. They deserve to be happy.

  • I don’t believe in the Sasquatch, I think it’s a story like the Loch Ness monster that’s been sighted again and again, searched for with submarines etc and there’s never been any tangible proof of it’s existence. Brings a lot of tourists to the loch though.

  • I believe anything is possible. I would believe that there are Sasquatchs, before I believe in aliens though.
    Tell the Sasquatch to stay in their hidden world. There are too many unhappy people taking their frustrations out on the innocent! Don’t become a statistic!!

  • As much as I would like to believe, I think with today’s technology, it would have been discovered by now. Nice to dream though!

  • It is a lovely thought that somewhere there are beings that are peaceful, don’t start wars, don’t murder each other and don’t hurt the environment. We could learn so much from these beings if they existed, but would we? It’s doubtful -man has a terrible record. Tolerance is NOT one of mankind’s strong points.

  • If the Sasquatch People are kind, peaceful and environmentally friendly, I would like to meet them. They sound too good to be true.

  • Every few years, they discover a new creature in a surprising location. We think “how could that have gone so long without being detected?” There’s no reason to write off Sasquatch yet.

  • I seriously think I am going to have nightmares tonight lol. I actually believe in sasquatches (big foot) and they scare the crap out of me. the whole way they walk like a gorilla but look more like a person. Seriously Harry & The Hendersons totally ruined it for me with the way the thing look at the camera in his evil way and just ran out in front of the car at the beginning of the movie. ahhh gives me shivers just thinking about it

  • I’m very open to learning about the unknown. I think there’s a definite possibility that there’s a good possibility these beings exist.

  • So I have spent a lot of time the high, back country of Alberta; I have never seen a Sasquatch, but I have heard some strange vocalizations and howls. I know what elk, bears, cougars, etc. sound like, what I am referencing are sounds that I KNOW do not match a known animal. No idea if they are real, but I’m not willing to discount it… We are still discovering animals all over the world, we never knew existed.

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