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Segur-le-Chateau, France – a Hidden Beauty

France sits in the heart of Western Europe and in the hearts of many tourists. France is one of those countries that you could visit year after year and feel like it was a new experience each time. Its beauty will render you speechless; palaces, chateaus, villas and pretty stone cottages set among landscapes of delicate gardens, flowery meadows, aromatic vineyards, rich valleys, balmy beaches and whimsical waterways. Pinch me!

Ségur, France

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France is also known for having some of the prettiest villages in the world. Having been in France several times, I would passionately agree. A lot of these exquisite villages are hidden off the beat and path and very often you stumble upon them by chance. Segur-le-Chateau is one of those quaint villages; it’s located in the south of France just waiting for travelers to adore her.

You can find the picturesque historic village of Ségur in the department of Corrèze in the region New Aquitaine. It’s classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France and happens to be on the “Route of Richard the Lionheart.”

Segur-le-Chateau is utterly charming and peaceful. As you amble through the tranquil settings and the narrow streets of the village, it can be hard to envision that this placid place was once a thriving and important central hub for the region during the Middle-Ages.

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The peaceful village resides along a bend in the Auvézère river and is overlooked by the ruins of a once magnificent 12th century Segur castle. Very few castles in the county are located at such a high altitude, so the visitors can enjoy a commanding view of the surrounding area. Built along a rocky spire the first defensive wall leads to a large courtyard with a Renaissance house and the Logis des Chevaliers. The second ring of fortifications surrounds the vestiges of the castle keep and also the Chapel of Notre-Dame.

Between the 13th and 18th centuries, the castle was the main home for several Viscounts of Limoges. But in 1616, Francisco Fernández de la Cueva, viceroy of Catalonia, arrived with an army to deal with the abundance of robbery in the area. Sadly, he ordered the destruction of Segur Castle, arguing that it had become a hideout for criminals.

Segur, France

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Many Renaissance style properties in Ségur-le-Chateau have leaded windows and towers from the 15th and 16th centuries which have been lovingly and painstakingly restored — the Maison Henry IV House and the Maison Boyer with their colombage facades and the 16th century Saint-Laurent Tower are just a few of these homes. Some have also retained the decorative roof elements called “épis de faitage”.

Segur-le-Chateau, France

As you explore the well-trod streets you’ll be swept back in time many centuries. It’s humbling and impressive to view, to touch and experience the well preserved centuries-old architectural noble homes with turrets or half-timbering. Each has maintained their original splendor and bear witness to an opulent period in history. They also acknowledge and honor the hard work and love put into these homes by the previous and current owners.

Other sites to see in Segur-le-Chateau include the Church of Saint Léger and the botanical trail and Arboretum. You can also opt to take a guided tour of the village. I always find these so informative because they share the history, dates and interesting facts about the town and its residents.

If you want to venture outside Segur-le-Chateau, a tour of Pompadour Castle is a must. It’s a listed historic monument that thousands of people visit each year. It was rebuilt in the 15th century on the former site of a feudal fortress, then remodeled in the 18th century and given to the famous Marquise de Pompadour, in 1745 by Louis XVth. She was his favorite mistress from 1745 – 1751 and remained influential as court favorite until her death on April 17, 1764.

You may also want to visit the nearby historic town of Uzerche with its pretty medieval surroundings along a rocky outcrop. It has an extensive historical center and lots of historical buildings that are waiting to be discovered by you.


  • I’ve only been to Paris in France. This looks like a beautiful idyllic village with plenty that I’d love to see.

  • So amazingly rustic and beautiful. I don’t think I would ever travel out of there if I lived there – why would I want to?!?

  • It is so sad that with all the technology and education we have now days the architecture is so simple when building a house. Back then the homes were beautiful. I make stone fairy houses like these ones. Just love the style.

  • Wow, it truly is beautiful. I’d love to visit it someday, especially because I’m French. Wish I spoke it though.

  • Looks like a great place to visit. I love old castles and homes. I have only been to one castle and that was Casa Loma when I was about 12.

  • Visiting Segur-le-Chateau would be like stepping into a fairy story-a beautiful one where you could look for a princess in the beautiful old houses. You would find yourself in a time-warp, where knights and their ladies could appear at any time. It would be so delightful to wander its streets and explore its buildings. You would probably have trouble coming back to the 21st century.

  • I think its a good thing I havent won the lottery yet, cause I would be traveling and never come home. This looks like a beautiful place to start!

  • Oh, beautiful place. I’m going to have to bookmark this page and add this to my places I want to visit. I love older buildings and castles. I just want to explore it all.

  • OH my it’s beautiful! So historical and perfect! And right on a gorgeous river?! I think i need to more there! Now just to learn to speak french lol

  • I would love to spend a month or 2 exploring France. It is so full of history & beauty. I love that you share these places to travel to. I’d love to travel but alas I can’t get travel insurance because of a rare health condition. So reading about these places & seeing the gorgeous pictures is very much appreciated.

  • When I found out that I had cancer a few years ago, my one dream was to take a vacation with my hubby to Europe. We visited eight countries. We were shocked how close the countries were! Like how close our states are here. I loved Italy, but France was just as romantic and breathtaking! I kept waiting for a knight in shining armor to take me away. Plus I was impressed with the way they use fans to help with their power and clean air scenarios! We loved the cafes and baked goods!

  • France is so enchanting. Hubby and I got a chance to ride motorcycles through the French countryside on our honeymoon. The places we saw were just amazing. It felt like taking a step back in time. I hope to go back one day.

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