Whimsical Coloring Books Prize Pk

Sometimes we get tapped in, tuned it and turned on too much in our lives. Many of us live quite demanding lives but we don’t have an off switch to shut everything down. We can’t quiet or settle ourselves to get into that zen space. Lots of people have turned to a new trend to soothe their soul. Coloring! It’s more than just an activity to keep kids occupied.

Copious coloring books have been created over recent years just so people can unwind and relax.  There are many other therapeutic reasons why coloring is beneficial. Symmetrical patterns and whimsical artwork can generate quietness, mindfulness, and wellness. When you slow your mind down, anxiety, stress and depression are reduced. Check out the newest ones to hit the market.

Seasons Coloring Book

The Seasons Coloring Book is a magical hardcover compendium with 96 pages of quaint images reflecting our four seasons. From adorned animals to bejeweled birds, butterflies and bugs to fanciful faces, flowers and forests to sweet and sensational scenery, you’ll be swept away by the imaginative world of this chimerical coloring book.

Day of the Dead Coloring Book

How fitting the Day of the Dead coloring books is for this time of year. With Halloween just around the corner, you can immerse yourself in Dia de los Muertos and indulge your crazy creative side! The Mexican celebration to remember loved ones is a whirlwind of patterns-iconic sugar skulls, beautiful marigolds, and intricate religious symbols. Try your hand at coloring masks, skeletons, costumes, and candles while learning more about the origins of this remarkable festival. Day of the Dead Coloring Book is an extraordinary cultural experience, allowing you to forget the whir of day-to-day life. What better excuse to pick up your pencils?

To the Ends of the Earth and Back Again

Go on a magical journey to The Ends of The Earth and Back Again where hidden in entrancing realms are dragons, castles and mystical creatures and places exist. Color your way through 17 feet of an enchanting world of witches, lagoons, mountains, and deserts, inspired by folk tales and landscapes from around the globe.