Children’s Holiday Storybooks

Children love the magic of the holiday season. They’re naturally drawn to the lights, the candy, the music and of course the toys. Then there are holiday movies and books that share heartwarming insight and stories about the reason for the season. We want our children to experience the joy the fun and the awe of the holidays from all avenues, not just tearing open gifts Santa left under the tree for them. Holiday Storybooks can do that!

Holiday Storybooks can charge emotions where they either make you laugh or make you cry, but they will always touch the heart and fill you with yuletide wonder. Here are a few storybooks where kids can experience Christmas through the characters on the pages.

The 12 Sleighs of Christmas is about Santa’s elves finding his sleigh in utter disrepair. Feeling it was way too much work to fix the elves have a contest to see who can build the biggest, baddest and briskest sleigh in the North Pole. But they only have 12 days before Christmas Eve arrives. Game on!  Which elf will build the coolest sleigh for the Christmas ride? SANTA will decide! The elves let their imaginations get taxed to the max and you can follow along with their rhyming stories. The artwork is delightful, the rhyming is cute and funny and the storyline enchanting. It’s a perfect holiday book for your child’s library.

Merry Christmas Curious George

It’s Christmastime! And irrepressible, excitable Curious George has just the festive spirit for it. He can’t wait to help his best friend, the man with the yellow hat, pick out their holiday tree. At the tree farm, however, amid all the excitement of finding the perfect specimen, George gets carried away, as usual-atop his favorite tree! Hiding in the tree’s branches, George finds himself delivered to the local children’s hospital, where his tree trimming antics cheer the children and he gets to meet a jolly man in a bright red suit. Comes with a sheet of holiday stickers.

The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish

A gift should be big,
And a gift should be bright .
And a gift should be perfect –
Guaranteed to bring delight.
And a gift should have meaning
Plus a bit of bling- zing,
So I’ll shop till I drop
For each just-right thing!”

Christmas is just around the corner and Mr. Fish hasn’t done any shopping yet. He checks out the shops but nothing is resonating with and he’s so worried he won’t find the perfect gift for each of his friends. Will Mr. Fish find perfect gifts for everyone on his list? Will he finish his shopping in time?

Mr. Fishes heart sank until he met Miss Shimmer. This lovely board book has beautiful and colorful aquatic scenes. The fish are decorating the reefs in holiday splendor. Swim along with The Pout-Pout Fish on his holiday shopping quest. He might just discover that the best gifts of all come straight from the heart.

Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas

Hanukkah starts on the on the Hebrew calendar date of 25 Kislev and lasts for eight days. This year is from December 12 – 20th. In this sweet and humorous picture book, Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas, a multi-cultural family (Mom’s Indian; Dad’s Jewish) celebrate Hanukkah while incorporating traditional Indian food. Instead of latkes, this family celebrates Hanukkah with tasty Indian dosas. To her brother’s chagrin, little Sadie won’t stop climbing on everything both at home and at the Indian grocery store, even while preparing the dosas. As the family puts the finishing touches on their holiday preparations, they accidentally get locked out of the house. Sadie with her climbing skills just may be exactly what is needed to save the day.

The pictures are very colorful and expressive. The children can tell from the photo what the storyline is all about. It’s a lovely story about a busty family celebrating the holidays their way.