Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

Flowers are some of the most beautiful blooms on earth. Their pretty colors and delicate petals make us feel happy and brighten every occasion. Their fragrance and unparalleled beauty are both healing and soothing to the soul. Every month of the year has a birthstone, but many of you may not realize they also have a birth flower. History shares that it was the Romans who started celebrating births and birthdays by gifting bouquets of blossoms. No one is exactly sure who started the tradition of birth flowers, but we have maintained it faithfully. Each flower has a specific meaning which enhances the giver’s message. What is your birth flower?

January Birth Flowers – Snowdrops and Carnations

The lovely Snowdrop flowers signify hope and beauty. They are one of the first flowers to emerge in the year. They break through the frozen January soil and bloom to the end of February.

February Birth Flowers – Violets and Primrose

The dainty violet signifies several things depending on the color, loyalty, innocence, candor, faithfulness and confidence. Violets bloom naturally during the months of May and June, but some species will bloom into July.

March Birth Flowers – Daffodil and Jonquil

The daffodils symbolize renewal, vitality, unequaled love, are the return of affection, creativity and friendship. These cheerful flowers are among the first to herald in spring with their bright and bold colors.

April Birth Flowers- Sweet Pea and Daisy

The whimsical and enormously fragrant sweet pea flowers symbolize delicate pleasure, delightful departures, it’s been so lovely and adieu. Sweet peas are the happiest when they are in full sun. They can bloom in spring, summer and even autumn.

May Birth Flowers – Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

The Lily of the Valley is one of my very favorite flowers. Its scent is heavenly. They signify love, sweetness, humility, passion, beauty and appreciation. This plant is poisonous but extremely fragrant. They bloom for 4 weeks in mid-spring, March and April.

June Birth Flowers – Rose and Honeysuckle

The delicately scented rose represents balance, promise, hope, chastity, humility and sweetness. But, each rose has their own specific meaning. The red rose symbolizes romance and passionate love. The yellow rose symbolizes joy, warm feelings and love. The white rose symbolizes purity and charm. They bloom for six to eight weeks starting in late spring.

July Birth Flowers – Larkspur and Water Lily

The Larkspur is an elegant flower that symbolizes love, affection, strong attachment, lightness, a pure heart and a cheerful disposition. Larkspurs grow three to six feet tall and are available in several colors. They bloom annually in the spring and summer.

August Birth Flowers – Gladiolus and Poppy

The graceful Poppy symbolize recovery, beauty, success, luxury, peace in death and remembrance. They bloom from mid-June right through to October.

September Birth Flowers – Aster and Forget Me Nots

The sweet Forget Me Nots symbolize true and undying love, affection, patience, daintiness and remembrance. They bloom in spring all the way through summer.

October Birth Flowers – Marigold and Cosmos

The pungent Marigolds signify peace, order, serenity, warmth, elegance and devotion. These hardy plants grow non stop from early summer right through to autumn.

November Birth Flower- Chrysanthemum

The pretty Chrysanthemums come in many colors and may symbolize various things. White symbolizes honesty and loyalty. Red symbolizes love and deep passion. Violet symbolizes well wishes and yellow symbolizes sorrow or unreturned love. They can bloom from late summer to early winter.

December Birth Flowers – Poinsettia, Holly & Narcissus

The festive Poinsettia are said to be the Star of Bethlehem. They symbolizes good cheer, success and bring wishes of jovial celebration. They bloom naturally in early winter.


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