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Fluoride in Drinking Water, Yay or Nay, You Decide

You may or may not live in a community where fluoride is added to your tap water. Fluoride was added to water in an effort to prevent tooth decay and demineralization. Although many dentists and various health authorities continue to promote the continued use of fluoride, there are communities that have chosen to end their fluoridation programs. Since 2008, fluoride use in Canada has dropped by 25%. So why would some communities remove fluoride from their water? Here’s why.


The main fluoride chemical that is added to our water supply is Fluorosilicic – a corrosive acid – toxic industrial waste by-products captured in the air pollution control devices of the phosphate fertilizers industry. These same pollutants if released into the air, cause significant environmental harm. So how is it, that these same pollutants are deemed safe when diluted down and added to our tap water? Who’s insanely dumb idea was this?

Silicofluorides never occur naturally in nature and are used in some countries as additives for water fluoridation — opal glass raw material, ore refining, or other fluoride chemicals like sodium fluoride, magnesium silicofluoride, cryolite, aluminum fluoride production. These horrific additives are almost 100 times more toxic! Then there’s also fluoridated pesticides.

Most Developed Countries Do Not Fluoridate Their Water

In the US, top health authorities claim fluoridating water was a huge 20th-century accomplishment, but very few other countries concur. More people in the US alone drink fluoridated water than the rest of the world combined. Why would this be? Almost all advanced nations would not even consider adding fluoridate their water. Here are some stats:

Western Europe — 97% of western European countries have zero fluorides in their drinking water.
China — has banned fluoride – 30 million people suffer crippling skeletal fluorosis
India — no fluoride is used
Japan — Less than 1% practice water fluoridation
Czech Republic — started a fluoridation program in 1958, but stopped in Prague in 1988 and the rest of Czech stopped in 2008

Countries that Ban Fluoride: Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, Austria, Scotland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Hungary, and Italy.

No Difference in Tooth Decay

Credulously, countries who add fluoride to their water do not have less tooth decay compared to countries who refuse to fluoridate their water. Fluoride using countries claim to see a major decline in tooth decay over the last 60 years, but the same decline in tooth decay has occurred on all developed countries, including those who do not use fluoride. Here is a statement from Flouride Alert: “According to the World Health Organization, there is no apparent difference in tooth decay between the minority of developed countries that fluoridate their water and the majority that do not.”

Affects the Whole Body

Fluoride affects other healthy tissue in the body besides the teeth. Advocates of fluoridation affirm that the safety of its use is beyond scientific debate. Toxicologist, Dr. John Duoll published a comprehensive review on fluorides toxicity. A report from stats: “fluoride is an endocrine disruptor and has the ability to affect the thyroid gland,  brain, bones, pineal gland and blood sugar levels. Scientists who have been summoned to investigate if current fluoride exposures in the US are contributing to chronic health issues like dementia, thyroid disease and diabetes are far from giving it the thumbs up.” Despite 60 years of fluoride use, many of the basic studies to determine its safety have yet to be conducted.

NOT a Natural Process

Advocates of fluoride chime in that Mother Nature thought of fluoridation first. What this means is that fluoridation can naturally occur at high levels in various water supplies. The level of fluoride that is found in the majority of fresh surface water is far lower than added in fluoridation programs. For those water sources that do have the same high levels of fluoride as tap water, studies have found that frogs and salmon suffer serious harm, including a shorter lifespan.

Over Exposure

According to the Center for Disease Control, 40% of the teens in the US alone, have a condition called dental fluorosis. This is where fluoride interferes with tooth-forming cells causing serious tooth erosion. Most kinds of toothpaste on the market contain fluoride and it may be difficult to find brands that don’t. I found several brands online —Toms, Earth Paste and Jack & Jill for kids. When fluoride is added to water, then it’s also added to commercially made foods and beverages made with that water. Other sources of fluoride include Teflon pans and some pharmaceuticals. So, the safety of fluoride is not limited to our drinking water, it encompasses all the other products made with this water.

I happen to live in a city that uses fluoride in our water supply. But, I use a reliable water filtration system that removes this chemical from the water throughout my whole house.


  • Fluoride is a pollutant that is monitored and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Fluoridating the water for ‘dental reasons’ is like crop dusting communities to fight lice in schools. Ineffective. If dentists are truly concerned about children’s teeth, they will hold ‘Smile’ clinics, not burden municipalities with the cost of fluoridation, not to mention treating with a substance w/o a medical license. If your community is still poisoning you with fluoride, petition your city council to STOP.

  • Thank you for sharing this important topic, my eyes were opened to this last year. Apparently very few communities in Canada fluoridate their water (so they say) but why risk it? We choose to get a Berkey water filter, the filter is good for ages and it doesn’t require batteries, we love it. I know lots of people who have switched to spring water but sometimes the natural source can be quite far. This website help you find a spring near you, there aren’t many listed in Canada though. There are many in the US however

    There is no credible evidence that taking fluoride in water has ever prevented a single dental cavity. The forced-fluoridation fanatics often try to claim that the low rates of dental caries in western European countries which do not have artificially fluoridated public water supplies are due to naturally occurring fluoride in water, or some other kind of artificial fluoridation such as salt fluoridation. They are lying. They also rely on studies which do not measure individual fluoride exposure, are not randomised, are not blinded, are not clinical trials, do not properly account for confounding factors, are highly prone to systematic error, and are typically funded by corporations such as Colgate-Palmolive.

  • We drink bottled water. Hoping it is cleaner & healthier than tap. It is tough when you can’t trust your local government to make sure the water is clean & healthy for us.

  • Interesting, I think it’s okay at low amounts, but then again it’s a controversial topic. Our municipalities do put fluoride in water

  • To much fluoride is not good so I say Nay. We lived in T.O. when I had my kids. My DR. had me give my kids fluoride drop’s and little did we know they were putting it in our drinking water It stained my kids teeth. Thank God it was just baby teeth.

  • I think its sad that we have been given this toxin in our water. Even sadder is that some schools still give children fluoride treatments thinking it is good when it is only dumbing our future generation down. They gave it to prisoners of war in the camps in War War 2 to pacify them.

  • I too live in a city that uses fluoride in our water & we pay for it!! I didn’t know any of this! Why doesn’t do something about this??
    Another area that big brother has ruled our life! In my opinion, they’d like to knock as many of us off as they can so they don’t have to pay us our Social Security benefits! Another area in our life that they rule us on by stealing/using our money without our permission! Plus now they want to cheat us again by taking the word benefit out of the title!! But they sure know how to vote themselves big pay raises without our permission! Every time they make bad decisions, we end up paying for it, by raising our taxes! Clever huh? I get so mad!! Too bad we couldn’t have another Boston Tea Party!

  • This article is certainly an interesting read. We have fluoridated water and I was not aware of the points that you have made against it’s use.

  • I still remember receiving fluoride treatments in school. I hated the taste and envied the town to the north…they had fluoride in their water so didn’t receive the treatments in school. I didn’t know so many places didn’t fluoridate their water.

  • I don’t know if there’s fluoride in our drinking water, but it’s definitely something I need to look into. Thank you for sharing this!

  • My small town doesn’t add fluoride to the town water, which I’m glad of. But a do have a counter top Berkley water system which you can add the fluoride filters if you need to.

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