Kids Animal Rescue Center Books

My family and I have deep compassion for all animals and have rescued many cats over several decades. It’s good to instill in your children how precision animals are and how to treat them. They too deserve love, compassion and understanding. The Animal Rescue Center books are great teaching aids for children of all ages.

The Animal Rescue Center books are about two kids, Ella and Caleb Harrison, who live with their parents on an animal rescue center. They understand that many animals are abandoned, lost and even neglected. Thankfully, they are able to take care of the animals that are brought in daily and find good homes for them.

Animal Rescue Center

A series of books have been written to express not only the urgency of the situation but that there are also solutions. It just takes one person to show love and compassion for our furry friends and find loving homes for them. There’s Always a Home at Animal Magic!

The Home-alone Kitten

But Ella and Caleb Harrison know that life isn’t perfect. Every day there’s a new arrival in need of their help! When soccer star Jake Adams cancels his appearance at Animal Magic’s anniversary celebration, Ella is determined to find out why. But when she and Caleb arrive at Jake’s house, all they find is his adopted kitten, Charlie, meowing on the doorstep…. .

The Injured Fox Kit

When Ella finds an injured fox kit, she’s desperate to nurse him back to health at Animal Magic, her family’s animal rescue center. She names him Copper and constantly picks him up to cuddle him. But will her love ruin Copper’s chances of being returned to the wild?

The Homeless Foal

When a foal is born at Animal Magic, the Harrison family’s animal rescue center, Ella Harrison wants him to find a home close enough to visit. She’s also worried that their neighbor Mrs. Brooks, who has been trying to close down the rescue center, just might get her wish….

The Unwanted Puppy

When Ella finds Honey, a beautiful golden retriever puppy dumped on the doorstep of Animal Magic, she’s desperate to find the lovable dog a new home. But Caleb has another idea: he wants to try and find Honey’s real owner… .