Peter Pauper Journaling

Every January I start two new journals, one I guess would be deemed my diary – it’s where I jot down events, thoughts and musings for each day, and the other is a gratitude journal – where I thoughtfully pen 5 things that I’m really grateful for each and every day. I usually do this in the evening when my day is winding down. I make a habit of searching for and getting really attractive books and pretty accessories as my companions for the year ahead, and Peter Pauper is always my first stop.

Peter Pauper has a wide variety of journals, pens, stationery and more for those you like to record, recount or reminisce. I find I do this — I like to go back a few years and read what happened on a specific day. Each of the covers is a reflection of my personality and mood at the time – sometimes I like bold images other years I’m attracted to the subtle patterns. What they all have in common is that they are beautiful and all from Peter Pauper.

Oversized Journals

Peter Pauper Oversized Journal

I usually choose the oversized journals because they have more pages and room to scribble down my rants and raves. These attractive books are a haven — a private place where your words are allowed to pour out naturally and freely. I think the beauty of these books influence how much and how often we share, at least that’s my experience. I love the variety of patterns available, some are embossed, other have opaque pages and still, others have gilded edges.

Rollerball Pens

Peter Pauper Rollerpen

The Rollerball Pens are elegant pens that have an air of prestige about them. Many of them have the same pattern as some journals, notebooks and calendars so you can make a desk set for yourself. The Rollerball pens are heavier than most pens, but they glide smoothly over the pages and leave the coveted fine line most of us want in writing.


Peter Pauper Bookmarks

Losing your place is a book is somewhat annoying, so I keep an abundance of decorative bookmarks around. At any one time, I can be reading 4 or more books that I have scattered in various rooms. I also like to mark favorite recipes and patterns so I can find them easily. Peter Pauper has an assortment of different kinds of bookmarks from beaded to i-clips to 3D.

My family and I are very fond of the 3D and i-clips bookmarks. The i-clips magnetically snap onto a page and remain there even if you drop the book – handy for students. The 3D bookmarks are whimsical and feature animals, birds, butterflies and more.

There you have it, Peter Pauper offers everything you need to start off your year of journaling. Swing by and check out all their products. You’ll love them as much as I do.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.