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Happy Valentine from Kansa!

Happy Valentine’s Day to You!

Instantly Revitalize your Skin, Reduce your Stress
and give your Face a New Life…

Valentine’s Day is about sharing the love with that special someone. That special person is you! When is the last time you showed yourself some love and appreciation? This Valentine’s Day, it’s time you let your skin rekindle its love affair! Reward yourself with the Kansa Wand And i Y U R A’s Kesarad Oil Gift Set!

Awaken The Subtle Energies Of Your Mind & Body:


Provide a gentle lift and bring life and light back to the face without any external, chemical or mechanical application.


In less than 20 minutes you not only experience great relief from tension but also get an INSTANT Face Life exuding a rosy glow.


Worry less as this wonder wand eases your stressed shoulders, neck and face muscles…It will enliven your face and relax you, while effortlessly massaging the pain in your shoulders or neck!


Just 20 minutes… That’s all the time it takes for the KANSA WAND to tauten and breathe life into your face!


Made of wood and a specific alloy traditionally known as the finest healing metal, there are no attachments, no batteries, or anything needed other than the tool itself. It is a tool for life that will last a lifetime.


This unique tool balances the subtle energies of body & mind by harmonizing the balance between the three doshas or Ayurvedic bio-energetic principles of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.


Releases heat and tension, balances the acidity in your skin (a process that you may be able to actually see while working with the wand), detoxifies the skin and also unifies the body, mind and spirit. It helps you relax, release stress, it motivates you to massage yourself which itself improves circulation and supports lymphatic drainage… there are so many advantages!

And most importantly, they help you appreciate and take care of yourself!

Get Premium Ayurveda Brand iYURA’s Kesaradi™ Oil FOR FREE with the Kansa Face & Body Wand now!

A Signature Blend of Precious Saffron + Rose + 16 Ayurvedic Herbs Based on the Classical Formulation of Kumkumadi. On sale now for 44% OFF! Now only $73.56 !

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