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iYura Eggxhilarating Face to Feet Pack

This Easter, Dismiss Blemishes and Wrinkles, Glow Like Gold, Boost Your Limbs, Enjoy Healthy Joints and Soft, Smooth Feet with the Eggxhilarating Face to Feet Pack!

Get instantly moisturized, soft and glowing complexion
 Boost your strength and feel more active
 Feel more flexibility and ease discomfort
 Cool off hot, sweaty feet and ease of dryness and irritation
 Nourish your whole body, from your face to your feet in the unctuous care of Ayurvedic oils!

Here’s what’s included in the Eggxhilarating Face to Feet Pack:

i Y U R A  Kesaradi Oil – A Signature Blend of Precious Saffron + Rose + Turmeric and 16 Powerful Ayurvedic Ingredients Based on the Classical Formulation of Kumkumadi, iYURA Kesaradi™ Oil is an exquisite gentle yet effective facial oil.

i Y U R A  Rujahari Oil – In Sanskrit, ‘ruja’ refers to pain and ‘har’ refers to the one who ‘seizes’ or ‘takes away’. This name is a beautiful poetic rendition of the classical Mahanarayan oil which has a colossal reputation in Ayurveda as the go-to oil for those who seek healthy joints! iYURA’s Rujahari Oil does not contain any added essential oils and has a strong herbal, camphor-like, natural fragrance of its ingredients.

i Y U R A Himaruti Oil – Amongst its special ingredients, this oil contains the herb – Indian Sarsaparilla, which is also called ‘Anantamool’ or ‘the eternal root’. In the Samhitas or ancient Ayurvedic texts, Indian Sarsaparilla has been classified under the categories of plants which improve the complexion(“varnya”) and herbs that help in easing burning sensation in the skin.

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