Wisdom & Messages From Your Spirit Guides

From birth on, most of us have the comfort and security of family and friends to support us. They are there when we need them. But, whether we believe it or not, we also have available to us the assistance of spirit guides. How do we find out who our guides are and how do we connect with them. James Van Praagh is a clairvoyant and spiritual medium and he has some new spiritual tools that will help us connect with our spirit guides.

Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides

Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides

Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides is broken up into four sections: The Guides, Personal Guides, Lessons From My Guides and Contacting Your Guides. This handbook offers all the information you need to understand your guides and how to connect with them. These guides are a team of energetic beings that come from an infinite number of spiritual dimensions. They can be spirits that have never incarnated or they could be family or friends who have transitioned to Spirit. Their purpose is to guide, motivate, inspire and direct you throughout your lifetime.

We can also have Earth guides and they can be friends, neighbors or even complete strangers. Chance encounters with someone you don’t know may have a huge impact on some area of your life. It’s believed that a pact was made between souls to help each other before you physically incarnated. They would not be conscious that they are guides, but somehow this chance encounter was meant to be. Then there are animal guides. These precious furry creatures are highly evolved beings and they teach us so much about love and about ourselves.

As I poured over the information in this book, I was surprised at how little I knew about spirit guides. I read the chapter on Healing Helpers and they are there if we need them. Then there are the inspiration guides who are from the higher realms and impart higher, more esoteric truths. Very often they are children.

The last section gives practical advice, meditations and several interdimensional exercises where you can raise your energy and open a channel to your spirit guides. This book is so well written and takes the fear or eerieness out of connecting with your spirit guides.

Messages From The Guides
Transformation Cards

The Messages From The Guides Transformation Cards is a beautiful 44-card deck that comes with a user manual. If you’re like me, you don’t see or hear spirits, but still would like their help. This is where the transformation cards come in handy. These channeled messages serve as a sign that will prompt you toward your ideal goal and your own personal journey of self-awareness.

Each card shares a simple message like Be Yourself, Never Judge Another, Calm in Not a Weakness, Release Toxic Relationships and many more. Follow the guidebook’s directions on the various spreads you can do and then choose your cards. Open the manual to learn the deeper meaning of each card and meditate on how they apply to your life.

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