100 Gluten-Free Comfort Food Recipes

There are those who insist that gluten-free eating is just a fad. But, it’s been around for at least 20 years, so there has to be a valid reason why people are switching to gluten-free foods. Gluten is really hard for many people to digest and one survey showed that one in six people are gluten intolerant. If you are gluten sensitive you’ll experience bloating, gas, fatigue, brain fog and even weight gain.

Cooking and baking gluten-free is no longer a challenge, there are copious cookbooks on the market that will get you rolling. Some of you may be wishing though that you could eat your classic favorite foods while still maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle. Well, you can with the newest gluten-free cookbook, 100 Gluten-Free Comfort Food Recipes.

Savory and Sweet Dishes for the Whole Family

I think most of us get grumpy when our favorite dishes are taken away because of the ingredients. But, have no fear, our beloved recipes have been tweaked in the 100 Gluten-Free Comfort Food Recipes cookbook, but the delicious flavors remain.

This cookbook starts off with a little education by sharing which grains, flours, starches and baking ingredients are gluten-free. One section I appreciated is the Thickener Substitutions, it offers a lot of great options. Other advice they share is the nutrient values of various gluten-free products and how to store them.

There are eight scrumptious chapters, each filled with a variety of recipes that will satisfy our cravings for comfort food. The vibrant and colorful photos will capture your undivided attention and beckon you to get into the kitchen and start baking. Chapters included are:
♥ Soups and Salads
♥ Entrées and Sides
♥ Yeast Breads
♥ Yeast-Free Muffins and Biscuits
♥ Cookies, Bars and Squares
♥ Cakes
♥ Pies and Pastry
♥ Puddings and Other Sweets

With the weather still frosty outside, we’re very big on hearty soups that will fill us up and warm us to the soul. My family loves French Onion Soup and with a few alterations, I can make it vegan. Throughout the cookbook, the margins will be filled with tips, nutrients, serving sizes and a section called variations. A great way to amp up a recipe is to try out the different versions offered, or make up your own.

Classic French Onion Soup

Mac and Cheese is an all-time favorite comfort dish for so many people. With gluten-free bread crumbs and trying different cheeses, this recipe can reinvent itself. There are also lots of cakes, cookies, pies and pudding recipes that will impress your family. Those are usually the chapters we check out first. The Blueberry Hazelnut Crumble Coffe Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and the Christmas Pudding are on my short list for baking. All the recipes are well thought out and deliver the flavors we crave. The 100 Gluten-Free Comfort Food Recipes cookbook is a great addition to my culinary collection.