Electromagnetic Field Radiation – It’s Real and Risky

We’ve all heard of EMF’s – electromagnetic fields – they are the invisible lines of energy that vary in frequency and intensity emitted from every electronic and wireless device. We live in an advanced high tech world, and with the changes in social behavior and the demand to created more and more artificial sources, there is no avoiding them, EMF’s are definitely here to stay. The greater the magnetic field or higher the voltage, the stronger the EMF radiation is, and levels will continue to rise as technology advances.

But, did you know they can have a profound negative influence on our health? Knowing this, it’s very important that we learn how to protect ourselves from electromagnetic radiation.

EMF Sources

Aside from our electronic devices, we are surrounded by hoards of other EMF sources that you may not be aware of. Basically, anything electric emits EMF’s. So if we look at things in our home, this would include power outlets, appliances, hairdryers, vacuums, electric toothbrushes, razors and blankets, TV’s, Bluetooth devices, printers, computers, cordless phones, halogen lights, and the list grows endlessly.

Outside is just as risky with powerlines, transformers, cell phone towers, x-rays, and much more. All of these sources can generate EMF’s continually. Let’s not forget about travel modes from planes to trains to automobiles – these sources create potent EMF’s.

Health Effects of EMF’s

EMF’s are cell disruptors and can cause a lot of damage to our bodies. They can create various symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, weakness, sleep disturbances, anxiety, feeling faint, achy muscles, foggy thinking and concentrating, depression, irregular heartbeat, infertility, eye irritation and cataracts, cancer and more.

According to the World Health Organization, “ EMF’s can trigger biological effects when they go above certain levels… exposure to EMF’s at home include the following symptoms: suicide, depression, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, headaches, and loss of libido.” EMF’s are also said to change brain glucose metabolism after cell phone use and increase cancer risks in childhood leukemia.

Decreasing Exposure

It’s virtually impossible to eliminate all EMF’s, but we can certainly decrease it significantly. The biggest thing you can do is turn your WI-FI off when you are not using your computer or other devices or shut it down just before retiring. You can also keep your cell phone and computer at a comfortable distance when possible. Avoid Bluetooth headsets and use the speaker option on your cell-phone. Go Earthing – that means walking barefoot on God’s green earth – the beach, the park (as long as it hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides) or your own yard. There’s also a plethora of grounding products that I’ll cover in another post.


  • yes all of these are very alarming. They are very disheartening problems since on the one hand, technology can be useful and on the other, we are at it’s mercy, health wise at least.

  • Technology is not stopping for anyone or any health condition. We do need to protect ourselves, but you’re never sure which product is helpful or not.

  • My son was on our case about this. I didn’t realize that EMFs can make you sick. Are you going to write more about it?

  • I have heard of this, there are quite a few cell tower and radio tower locations near condos that are being built, the prices of them are lower due to this. They do claim however that there is not negative impact. Anyway I have seen some studies where some people are more sensitive to them than others. Some people may be allergic too. Scientists have a long way to find out the entire truth of the affects they have on one’s body.

  • There definitely needs to be more research done on this subject. I keep telling my kids to take their phones out of their pockets but they just laugh.

  • It is scary. We did some work for a customer. In his house He had his attic lined with a special foil also in the roof of his gazebo. He is worried about this problem as well.

  • I work for 8 years next to high voltage power lines, they were so close to our building. It’s scary, we love technologies but it’s not always good for our health.

  • I guess I knew about this but didn’t really grasp the severity and the complexity of problems it can cause. Wow! This was a good reminder and good tips to remember. Thank you.

  • It is interesting that you should publish this article now.We just ordered a gausemeter a few days ago to measure EMFS.We also have had a two year struggle with the Power Corporation to remove the radio frequency meter from our home.I have heard about the materials to put in your home to help shield you from EMFS.I know a farmer who had to make some changes to his barn in order to stop his cattle from aborting.I have also heard that you can get a chip to put on computers and phones to help reduce the radiation.I think that I will look into this.I think that another article by you on this topic would be appreciated by many of your followers who are concerned about this Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.I have gained a great deal of useful info to help me live a healthier lifestyle.Keep up the great job!

  • wow! we have our phones on us all the time – I have even fallen asleep with my cellphone on me and I am pretty sure I am not the only one — this is very scary. The negative health effects are so insidious you would never think that they were caused by exposure to EMF.

  • This is definitely scary and I never realized all the harm health wise that EMFs can do to a person. Thanks for the information.

  • How scary is this? I don’t even know how to turn off my wifi to be honest (without unplugging the darn thing and having to reset the whole thing up again), but I’m sure going to find out! Thanks!

  • I knew some people who lived very near a major power line and the invisible energy interfered with any electrical device in their yard. Scary stuff.

  • I’m a true believer of “Unplugging All Electronics” we learn more and more each day about the “polllution” around us whether it be air, water, food, and things we can’t see.

  • I have heard of it but did not realize how many devices and things really are involved! thank you for the informative post!

  • Really frightening! I’ve been ‘unplugging’ for a while now but still don’t think that’s enough! Dr Mercola has some good advice also.

  • Very scary indeed. I know I am sensitive to some lights (like room lights, certain video games) and some sounds (like electrical hums) that they can trigger migraines or migraine auras, so I avoid if at all possible. I like to surround myself with a lot of plants, and I wonder if this helps with EMFs.

  • This is alarming. For the most part I sleep away from sources with the exception of my phone. I charge it as I sleep and use it as my alarm clock. Perhaps sleep mode will reduce the transmissions.

  • I know it disturbs my sleep; I have removed all EMF devices from my bedroom. I also have a client that goes into people’s home’s and assesses their risks and makes recommendations; apparently, there are products that block these EMF’s.

  • I was unaware of the risk factors of EMF’s. It seems like more and more technology is taking over our every day lives and there is no way we can avoid these EMF’s. Hopefully something is developed to make this more safe.

  • Yes I know I think that is why so may people have cancer..EMF and more and more being used all the time.

  • I actually have our router in my bedroom… near my bed! Time to change that… Thanks for posting this 😀

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