Epic Reads for Kids

Kids can get bored with the monotony and drudgery of rote tasks, homework and even afterschool programs. They may even turn their noses up at their favorite books. We all need diversity and variety, but kids especially because they have a shorter attention span. Adding a couple of new books each month to your family collection has so many benefits.
New books expand kid’s minds, imaginations, cognition, and their knowledge. Books are one of the best teaching tools to introduce new subjects, develop language skills, expand their vocabulary, and encourage a love of reading. Here are a few new epic reads kids will appreciate.

Polly Diamond

This story is about a little girl named Polly who has a very vivid imagination. She loves to write, is keen on making lists and wants to live in a bigger house. One day a package arrived at the door. It was a special delivery from the Writing and Spelling Department and it was addressed to Polly. Eek, she as so excited to receive a turquoise leather book. But this is no ordinary book. You see when Polly writes something in the book, it writes back. Even better, it makes everything she writes come true. Her little sister Anna was a mermaid and now she is a banana. Plus, many other changes happen in her home. Hmm, she soon realizes that what you say isn’t always what you mean. Polly is an endearing character and kids will love her.

The Little Ice Cream Truck

This is a story about a charming little Ice Cream Truck and his driver Lou. The little ice cream truck is bursting with delicious treats and he shares what happens during his daily rounds. He heads out to the zoo, drives to a busy park, is rented for events, and loves to drive around neighborhoods busy with family activities. All the content is written in rhyme form and the images are bright and colorful. It’s a wonderful little book.

The Two Mutch Sisters

Violet and Ruby are the Mutch Sister and they have been collecting things since they were very little girls. Thing is, they collected the same things, so they have two of everything. Now their house is stuffed because they have too much stuff. So, Ruby moves out! Violet is very unhappy, but you won’t believe what she did! This is a lovely story about sisters and their bond with each other.

Cresent Moons and Pointed Minarets

When I was a child I was fascinated with Muslim architecture. I didn’t know it was Muslim, I only new it was ornate and beautiful. Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets celebrates the shapes, symbols and traditions of the Muslim world. People’s cultures are very important to them. It influences everything in their lives from hope to values to allegiance and even effects their humor and fears. Learning about other cultures expands our perception and allows us to embrace their way of life. The text is written in rhyme form and the graphics are bright and bold. It’s a delightful little book! Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate this post. All opinions are mine, yours may differ.