Sacred Shaman Prize Pk

When we hear the word Shaman, we may think of headdress adorned natives performing rituals shrouded in mystery, from obscured tribes living in remote places around the world. Although Shamanism is an ancient spiritual and healing religion that dates back many centuries, and it’s still very much alive today. Shamans are not indicative of indigenous tribes, you can find plenty of authentic ones in the Western world. Interestingly, in the past most of the shamans were men, but today, there are many female shamans.

Shamans have many roles and they can differ in various parts of the world. Shamans access the spiritual realm and connect with nature, spirit guides, spirit teachers and spirit helpers. They work with ancestral spirits, soul retrieval and transpersonal healing. They can also facilitate in removing blockages that keep us from living a harmonious and fulfilling life.

I personally know an authentic shaman who lives in the US, and he has helped many people recover their health. Granted most of us do not have a local shaman living in our community, so how can we access shamanic help. Thankfully there are tools on the market in the form of books and oracle cards that can offer guidance.

Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck

The Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck and Guidebook were created by three teachers and healers- Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, and Marcela Lobos. These masters have dedicated their lives to studying ancient wisdom traditions and divination practices which have allowed them to heal their own lives. When you consult the oracle, you summon power, wisdom and insight that can help you understand the present, heal the past, and influence the course of your future.

Using the oracle cards allows you to connect and converse directly with Spirit and the forces of nature. Mystical Shaman Oracle offers a doorway into a realm of sacred symbols. Symbols have the power to represent reality and the power to engage in the process of transformation. As you continue to use the Oracle, you will learn to integrate its symbols with your daily life and thus transform it.

The deck is symbolized with some of the most beautiful artwork I’ve seen on oracle cards. They’re mystical, enchanting and romantically ancient, yet relevant for today.

The Sacred Science

In 2010, Nick Polizzi did something unimaginable. He assembled a group of eight desperately ill patients from around the world and brought them into the heart of the Amazon rainforest to put the mysterious medicines of native shamans to the test. The healing journey that unfolded would change their lives-and his own-forever.

In The Sacred Science, we join Nick as he explores these primordial traditions and learns firsthand what it takes to truly heal ourselves of physical disease, emotional trauma, and the sense of lostness” that so many of us feel in these modern times. We venture into a place where the ordinary rules we live by, even survival instincts, don’t apply-where “the only thing to do is to step forward and be ready for anything.”

Nick is not a guru or shaman; he is an ordinary guy who pieced together an illuminating journey, one experience at a time. In this riveting true story, we’re shown the many layers that must be peeled away in order for us to find the truth of who we are and why we’re here.

This book is a bridge between the flashy, fast-moving modern world and the forgotten ways of a healthier, earth-connected ancestral past. You’ll find practices and principles of native wisdom that you can put to use in your own life, and you’ll gain a new understanding of what it means to heal. And about those eight patients, what became of them?

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