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6 Different Types of Tea

Tea is a hot aromatic beverage that always seems to soothe the soul. According to Sheldon Cooper, social etiquette states that if one of your friends is upset, you should offer them a hot beverage, like tea out of courtesy. I did not grow up with tea, so as a kid, I thought there was only one kind, black, and it did not taste good to me. But, as an adult, I’ve learned to appreciate the health benefits of herbal teas and I also learned there are actually six different kinds of tea, along with numerous varieties.


I also learned that loose tea is better than the convenient little bags of tea. The leaves used in classic teabags are actually the low-grade fannings and dust that break off from the whole tea leaves. This is a big compromise in the quality of the tea you drink. Whole loose tea leaves offer you freshness, essential oils, more aroma, flavor, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. I get that we all live busy lives, but I would rather drink quality tea leaves than its slough.


Black Tea is a fermented tea with a strong flavor profile, moderate amounts of caffeine compared to coffee, but high amounts compared to other teas. It oxidizes the quickest of all teas; as soon as the leaves are picked they start wilting. You would brew black tea at the highest temperature, but the higher the temps, the bitter the flavor. A big cup is great if you need to perk up in the afternoon.

Oolong tea is partially fermented or oxidized and made from the Camellia sinensis plant. It has a lovely fragrant profile and it’s noted for several health benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants and vital minerals like carotin, copper, calcium, manganese and selenium and vitamins A, B, C, E and K. It’s used for numerous conditions like improving mental alertness, obesity, tooth decay, heart disease, cancer and many more.

Green tea is well recognized for being the healthiest tea in the world. It’s also made from the Camellia sinensis plant but has not gone through any oxidation or withering. It’s brimming with antioxidants and powerful nutrients. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties and its polyphenols reduce inflammation and fight cancer. Green tea improves brain function, burns fat, reduces DNA damage, lowers risk of Type II diabetes and heart disease, lowers blood pressure, depression and so much more.

Yellow tea is new to me, I never heard of it. This obscure tea is said to be similar to green tea, but with a grassy flavor profile. It’s classed in the same category as white tea which is slightly oxidized. It’s grown in isolated areas in China and apparently, there are only three kinds that have survived over the years. Benefits include anti-aging and longevity properties, weight loss, stronger teeth and bones, lowers risk of stroke, liver health, anti-cancer, improves mental cognition and more.

White Tea is the most delicate of all and least oxidized and processed. The youngest shoots from the tea plant are used to make this tea. It’s suggested that it be brewed at low temperatures and steeped for a short time. The most popular types of white tea are White Peony and Silver Needle. Benefits include anti-aging properties, teeth health, weight loss, acne and skincare, improves hair health, memory and mental alertness, digestion, beneficial for liver and kidneys health and the list continues.

Pu’erh Tea (poo-air) is another tea that I never heard of. It comes from the Yunnan province in China and it’s the most oxidized tea. Just like wine, it’s often aged and improves with age. It too has many health benefits, weight loss, digestion, blood cleansing, stress reduction, improved sleep, lowers cholesterol, reduces heart disease, cancer prevention and boost energy to name a few.

So next a friend comes over, be gracious and serve them a quality tea that has many health benefits.


  • Very nice article on different teas. I, too, am discovering the many types of teas and then you have the vast spectrum of herbal/flora infusions that many call tea.

    I have a lovely tea (Chai) from Russia my daughter brought back from a recent trip and also a black tea from China that my son brought back to me that tastes simiar to Earl Grey but does not have the additive that Earl Grey does.

  • Thanks for your well researched article on teas.I never knew the benefits of drinking loose tea versus tea in bags.I will be buying loose tea from now on.I drink a lot of oolong and white tea.We also have yerba mate, which comes from South Ameica.It has a different stimulant than caffeine.It is supposed to increase your metabolism, therefore helping to maintain weight gain and also is said to improve mental alertness and cognition.Being hypo thyroid , and a senior,I found this to be beneficial.
    If you wash ginger root,peel ,grate and add to any of the healthy teas ,it boosts the immune system, is good for upset tummies and adds a wonderful”zing”!When I serve this at the end of a meal,I always feel it helps the meal digest better.I often serve it when I have guests for a meal.My company love it and want to know how to make it. I put the ginger in a cloth bag .
    Thanks for reminding me not to brew my white tea at a hot temp.I tend to be in too much of a hurry and forget to let the water sit for a while.Does pouring the boiling water over the leaves right away kill the good benefits of the anti-oxidants?I would look forward to any replies to this question.Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.I learn so many good tips from your articles!

  • I actually have never had white tea before! I love this list 🙂 I usually stick to the same ones. I need to branch out

  • Thank you for this post. I hear or read about how white tea is good for this or black tea helps with that but I am never sure what the actual differences and benefits that each variety of tea has. Your summary has helped to clear this up!

  • Definitely drink a lot of pu’ erh, we have a lot of kinds at my place. It is like coffee very strong in caffeine. I do like green tea too! Very nice types of teas here.

  • I’ve been drinking some excellent tea since my daughter has been working at a fantastic tea shop. They import really fine tea from all over the world and it’s been a really fun learning experience!

  • Black Tea is my favourite…I really should branch out and try some of these others. I’ve never even heard of a couple of them. Thanks for the tea lesson! 🙂

  • i guess my tea bags will go in the compost. i love pepermint tea .but i will have to have a tea infuser to use. thanks for a tea lesson.I enjoy your reading your reviews.

  • It’s great to know about the different teas, the only one I have had out of this list is the green, that is my favourite

  • I am familiar with green and white tea but I really like your explanations and am interested in trying new teas.

  • I love tea and the health benefits of it . I’ve never tried loose tea yet though . My favourite of earl grey for sure but these all sound so good .

  • I love all these teas, except I’ve not tried Pu’erh Tea! I would love too, though! I’ve always mainly drank tea from tea bags, I’m starting to get more into loose teas now, there is so much more variety and the quality is much better! I would really love to have a Breville Smart Tea Infuser! I currently just have a one cup manual infuser!

  • My husband and I really enjoy tea! I’ve also never heard of yellow tea and pu’erh tea, but the benefits of them are really interesting and beneficial to me. I will need to check them out. We drink a lot of green tea, matcha tea an roobis teas. We like to add fresh ginger and tumeric to our teas too for the great health benefits.

  • For those who are thinking about getting infusers for your loose tea,you may wish to consider this.I have been told that the metal ones deoxidize your tea.Keeping that in mind,we switched over to the cloth filter.We also switched over to the hard plastic thermos with the glass liner vs the standard metal thermos.These are great when you wish to take a large thermos of tea on long trips.A word of caution as these can sometimes break ,not often.They usually last for years.

  • Have tried all of these except the Yellow, which I had not heard of. Didn’t know about the quality, or lack of, tea in bags!

  • I love tea; I hate tea bags and the crappy quality. I always use loose leaf products; green tea is my go to in the mornings. I grew up drinking tea, its a cultural norm in Indian families. Everything revolves around tea.

  • I didn’t know there was a difference in tea leaves and tea bags, I have always done the tea bag deal. I’m going to have to check out the tea leaves at whole foods again. Is there a guide for healing teas? I usually only buy medicinal teas.

  • I love the pleasing taste of white tea most of all. I was not aware that it should not be brewed in boiling water…the something new I learned today, so thank you!

  • I didn’t know there was yellow tea that helps build stronger bones and teeth. I’m going to try yellow tea

  • My wife and the kids are all big tea drinkers enjoying loose leaf, brewed, steeped and iced. I do enjoy a cup of orange pekoe that is steeped to a strong flavor. My wife has had hear problems so switching over to tea is a better choice.

  • We drink primarily black tea. I often try new teas though! Thank you for the explanations of the different types of teas.

  • I try to like green tea :0 Actually, I’ve found a few varieties that I quite like, usually infused with other flavours. I do love my rooibus tea, though.

  • Really love tea. I find its best in all situations- a pick me up, when I’m with friends, during the work day and unwinding. Tea all the time. I definitely notice the difference when loose leaf if boiled and brewed properly. So many delicious varieties and flavours.

  • OK, I thought there was just 3 types of tea – thanks for teaching me about the others. I haven’t even seen yellow tea before so I guess that means a trip to the tea store to investigate – Thanks!


  • I want to print this out for my fridge! I didn’t even realize that tea was fermented! That is good for your Gastrointestinal system!

  • I’ve learned so many things about teas and thank you so much for such a thorough and interesting post. I plan on experimenting in my tea purchases. Thank you for such an informative Post.

  • Thank you for the clear, concise explanations of the different types of tea. I had never heard of some of them.

  • Im a big tea drinker so it surprises me that I have never heard of yellow tea! 🙂 Something new for me to try!

  • Yellow tea is new to me too. I mostly drink black teas. This is something that I will have to try. I have been sticking to earl grey lately and need to branch out.

  • I seldom drink tea, though I do enjoy a nice cup of Lapsang Souchong once in a while. I didn’t realise there was so much to know about tea!

  • I love herbal tea! I buy it bulk . I don’t know much about these tea as I can’t drink caffeine Great article! Thank you!

  • Thanks for this informative feature about the different teas and their benefits. I had never heard of Pu’erh Tea but would love to try it. I love all kinds of teas and especially love the loose tea for it’s flavors and great benefits.

  • It was interesting to hear about the 6 types of tea. Being from the South I am an iced tea drinker-black.

  • Wow, those are just some types of tea too, like with black tea anyway there is many varieties. I’ve had many black tea varieties and green tea but haven’t tried some of the others yet. Didn’t even know of yellow tea or Pu’erh.

  • I am bad for drinking the black tea and not the leafy kind, I do occasion pick up some leafy ones. This is a very nice post and I will be trying some different ones now to try.

  • Thanks for the explanation. Sometimes I do get confused between the types, but I think I like green and white tea the best.

  • Great article on a few of the different flavors of tea and different types of tea. Six flavors of tea are talked about and their benefits. I love to drink tea and iced tea ( great refresher on a hot day! ).

  • Very interesting post and as I have heard that green tea was good health benefits, I didn’t know what all of. The other tea, Pu’erh Tea, Yellow and White tea, I had not heard of. I must start drinking some more of these other teas more often. Would love to see if they would help in the inflammation I have in my feet and also I previously had breast cancer. thanks for sharing this info.

  • I just bought the cuisinart perfect temp kettle with different settings for the type of Tea. I didn’t know about the temperature settings until this kettle appeared on Oprah’s Favourite list. It’s great for the green tea and herbal tea’s from Davids Tea that I drink. That last tea, Pu’er sounds interesting. I’ll have to check the Asian store I go to and give it a try. Benefits sound similar to green tea.

  • I love tea. I drink it all day long; in fact my day starts with a cup of Green Tea. Its the one thing that helps me balance my heart and mind before my day starts.

  • I absolutely love tea, and always enjoy trying new ones. My favorite teas a matcha green tea and roasted dandilion. I have never heard of Pu’erh Tea. I will need to try this.

  • This is so interesting! I love different teas and I knew some of this, but not all! I certainly learned some interesting things! Thanks for sharing!

  • How fascinating! I love reading about all different teas and their different benefits. I also didnt realize that bagged teas were so much different than loose leaf.

  • I didn’t realize loose tea was better than the bags of tea! Good thing I mostly buy loose tea. My favourite is rooibos.

  • I drink black tea everyday and because of this article I’m going to try some different teas. I want to see what ones I will like.

  • I’m just beginning to drink green tea it’s an aquired taste but I’m aging so we’ll see how it goes.

  • I absolutely love this. Green tea with honey has always been my go to tea but I would love to try the white tea! i love all the benefits of these

  • I enjoy black , Orange Pekoe, Jasmine & Lady & Earl Grey Teas. I haven’t tried Pu’erh Tea yet the benefits are intriguing.

  • I am a Tea lover and black tea is my favorite good article on Tea I should try other types of tea as well

  • Thank you for your very good article on teas! I like Black Tea the best because that’s what I’m used to but I should try some new teas. I also think I should be drinking more loose tea from the sounds of it.

  • I would love to try different teas, but I would need a temp control kettle so I would get the proper taste

  • I didn’t realize temperature made so much difference to the overall flavor. I’m going to have to experiment a little based on this article.

  • Thanks for this interesting post! I love tea and I am going to seek out the varieties of tea that I have never tried before.

  • My mother prefers earl grey tea and she would love to have lunchtime tea but we haven’t been able to fidn it

  • I truly didn’t know that there was so many types of tea..Thank you for explaining the 6 kinds. I will have to branch out and hope to find those and give them all a try… Tea is my favorite hot beverage 😉

  • Thank you so much for sharing all this useful Tea information. I had no idea about what was in the tea bags. We tend to drink loose leaf tea most of the time but occasionally use the bags.

  • Very Informative! Once i use up my teabags, i will stick with loose tea.
    You have mentioned some teas i haven’t tried or even heard of – so i will
    purchase them as i go along ~ With the first being poo tea ( Pu’erh ) as the
    name brings a grin to my face : )
    Thank You!

  • Thanks so much for explaining the different teas. I can only drink green tea due to tannins but I appreciate being more informed about the other types.

  • I still have not tried any yellow tea – i haven’t come across it at all in any store (even the specialty ones) in my area! I would love to try it for something

  • We went to China last March and because it was a Government Supplemented tour you have to do all these shopping stops. One of those was a Tea Plantation where they went on and on and on about all the benefits of green tea. I’ll tell you, if half of what they say is true we should all drink 15 cups a day and we’ll be the most healthy, beautiful people around!

  • We have quite a selection of tea’s, one for this, one for that and we all really enjoy tea. We don’t use much loose tea & I think I should remedy that. Thanks for the informative article.

  • I had no idea that loose tea was a far better quality of tea tan bagged tea. I will definitely buy loose tea from now on!

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