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Ajara Complete Eye Care Ritual Set

4-Step Eye-Ritual for Beautiful Eyes!

A relaxing soak that’ll melt away the heat and stress from your eyes, a unique activator and mask with a precious mineral gemstone as a key ingredient, a tonifying gel that’ll cool and tone the eyes and a replenishing elixir that’ll deliver potent Ayurvedic ingredients straight into the cells… That’s one eye care ritual that’ll blow you away!


The first step of this ritual is to forget all the troubles of the world, take some time out for yourself. Preparing your delicate area around your eyes for a rejuvenating treatment entails assuring your eyes that you love them and want them to cool off, calm down and relax every now and then. Ajara’s Cucumber Lotus Rejuvenating Eye Mask is perfect for this! Take out the mask sachets and drizzle a tablespoon of boiling water over two sachets. Cover, and let sit for five minutes. Next, place in the refrigerator for five minutes. Set one sachet on each eye for 10 minutes. If the sachet seems dry, re-moisten with cold water before placing on the eye. Sit back and relax for those 10 minutes and allow the power of nature to infuse new life into your eyes!


While the mask can be used alone as a hydrator and brightener, the activator serves to boost the mask with “actives” –  highly concentrated ingredients that are potent with vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and minerals; These all soften the skin, brighten the complexion, and give the area to which it is applied a healthy glow. The activator could also be used alone, but must be diluted with water, as it is super concentrated, and has a fairly strong scent when not added to the mask. If a person wants to use it straight, we are talking literally one drop around both eyes. Whats left on the fingers could be put on the lips for super-soft lips!


This is an important step! Your skin has just been cleansed thoroughly and you need to create a protective barrier from environmental damage like the sun, dust particles etc.  In this step, we will combat that puffy and saggy look, and provide ammunition to the skin to stay cooler for longer with the uber-effective ingredients that comprise the Tulsi Neem Tonifying Eye Gel including Gotukola, Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Sage oil! This step will also further prep the skin for the next step.


This is the last and final step to complete the ritual and give ultimate replenishment to the eyes. This step involves relishing the nutritive power of the elixir of life: ghee, known to have excellent benefits for the eyes, in particular. With this product, you can give your eye area a gentle massage too, pressing mama points that help the skin feel stronger as well. If you’ve been using our Kansa Wands, you can even use the small marma wand or the personal wand with it. Use it at night and wake up to find refreshed eyes!

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