Toddlers Father’s Day Books

Every Father’s Day, we show our dads appreciation by buying him a thoughtful gift or by doing something special for him. Ties and socks are nice, but getting some Father’s Day inspired books is something parents and children can share. It’s a heartwarming way for dads and toddlers to spend quality time together exploring new worlds through picture books. Here are a few that would be a big hit this Father’s Day.

Daddy Cuddle

Daddy Cuddle

Daddy Cuddle is an endearing story about a little bunny who gets up early and is full of energy. He’s very eager to spend some time with his dad, but he can’t wake him up. He bounces a ball, rides his bike and rings its bell, gets his kite out, and pull out more toys in an effort to get his dads attention. This book truly captures the reality of an energetic child and tired parent. Finally, daddy wakes up and they spend time snuggling and cuddling while reading a book together. In fact, they’re reading this book.

There are very few words in this book, but the delightful watercolor images speak volumes. Kids are great at interpreting an image and always elaborate on what they see and what it means to them. Plus, we’re very fond of bunnies, so this is a great book for our family collection.

Made For Me

Made For Me

Made For Me is a tender book about a big burly dad and his affection for his little baby boy. The book starts off with dad all nervous in the hospital waiting room. Any moment a new life will be welcomed into the world and into his life forever.

The story is narrated in rhymes by dad himself as he’s expressing his love, joy and utter delight that this little baby is now his. He says it best ” Of all the children that ever could be, you are the one was made just for me”. Each day is a new experience as they pretend to be superheroes, bang on the pots and pans, play in the park, learn to walk, build sand castles at the beach and so much more. Dad is enjoying watching his little boy grow up.

The images are colorful and engaging. They lend themselves to discussing what dad and baby are doing and how much fun they are having. It’s a very touching book and perfect for any household.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.