Peter Pauper Colored Pencils & Pouch Prize Pk

Summer vacation allows kids more free time to do things they might not have had time for during their scholastic year. Many kids learn how to play an instrument, take art classes or invest in other interesting workshops. Or maybe they just want to read, spend time in nature, draw or sketch or get a bunch of coloring books and use colored pencils to create masterpieces. We love to color and get our supplies from Peter Pauper Press.

Peter Pauper offers an abundance of gorgeous and fun stationery products and that includes coloring books, colored pencils and pencil pouches. By now we all know the benefits of coloring and color therapy. Coloring can lower stress and anxiety levels, put us in the zone or a meditative state and allows our creative visions flowing. Different colors can affect our moods, emotions and our physical well-being. If you or your family love to color or create with color, Peter Pauper has a deluxe pencil set that will enhance your creativity.

Studio Series Deluxe Colored Pencil Set

The Deluxe Colored Pencil Set includes 50 colored pencils in a wide range of delightful hues. There are two trays with 25 colored pencils inside a secure tin. The pencils are made from a lightweight wood and they have a soft-core lead that produces a superb color application. Each pencil is pre-sharpened to a point and ready to color your world. It does not come with a sharpener but it’s suggested you use a manual sharpener that yields a short, wide point to minimize breakage.

The pencils are smooth, blend well and are perfect for novice or pro artists. They’re thick enough to broad strokes and fine enough for detailed work. They’re also great for coloring. I wouldn’t call the pencils fragile, but if you press too hard, the lead will break.

Pencil Pouches

Pencil Pouches are the ideal accessory for toting your must-haves. They offer protection for your art and craft supplies, cosmetics, electronic accessories, hair accessories, small toys, office supplies, snacks and so much more. They’re practical, pretty and durable. They’re soft, flexible and made from a faux leather. The inside has an opulent gold interior and the zipper is sturdy and glides easily.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.