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Rujahari Joint Oil

Why not relax, rejuvenate, live it up and rejoice, have fun in the sun with an active body and healthy joints? Introducing Rujahari Oil!

♥ Ayurvedic support in dealing with discomfort
♥ Soothe muscles and tendons
Rejuvenates joints
Promotes a healthier appearance
Promotes longevity
Safe and natural external support in extending positive energy to your body

This oil has over 50 herbs, many of which have been heavily researched for their tremendous health benefits. Using this oil for regular massage also makes the body attractive and strong. It slows aging and helps maintain youthful energy till late in one’s life and promotes longevity.

Rujahari Joint Oil is a polyherbal formula that does not contain any added essential oils or fragrances. It helps maintain flexibility and youthful agility, promotes healthy muscles and joints, supports comfortable physical movement and supports soothes discomfort and reduces stiffness.

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