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Get Pretty Feet with Ajara Sandal Perfect Foot Care Kit

The weather is sunny and hot and that means it’s sandal season. We’ve kicked off our heavy shoes and ditched the socks for some breezy, cool and light footwear. A lot of us like to walk around barefoot too, so our feet get calloused, dry and cracked.  The last thing we want during the summer season is unattractive circus feet. Ajara Sandal Perfect Foot Care Kit will have your feet looking and feeling great with their invigorating products.

Ajara Sandal Perfect Foot Care Kit

Kit includes:
  1. Ajara Lavender Eucalyptus Foot Scrub
  2. Ajara Brahmi Mint Cooling Foot Balm
  3. Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil
  4. FREE GIFT: Heart-shaped Terra Cotta Foot Stone, handmade from natural terracotta clay – $12
Ajara Lavender Eucalyptus Foot Scrub

The Ajara Lavender Eucalyptus aromatic scrub will exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells, help repair cracked skin, and revitalize your feet. Featuring a luxurious blend of moisturizing plant oils and soothing, stimulating botanicals, this scrub will leave your feet softer, healthier-looking, and pretty.

Ajara Brahmi Mint Cooling Foot Balm

The cooling massage mint balm was created to soften and soothe feet irritated and hot feet, especially during the hot summer months. Infused with healthy ingredients, this balm helps to soothe, moisturize, and repair your feet.

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil

It’s a well know fact that cinnamon and cloves are a great home remedy for puffy and swollen feet. They play a key role in reducing inflammation, numbness, fatigue and also helps fight dryness and heel cracks.

If you’re hard on your feet and feel they deserve to be pampered, then the Ajara Sandal Perfect Foot Care Kit can be your companion all summer long. You’ll see a noticeable difference in your skins texture and overall appearance. You’ve earned the right for beautiful feet. This kit is on sale now!

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