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So how many of us have been on umpteen diets over the course of several decades? Come on, raise them up! Each diet you tried promised to be the ultimate solution you’ve been waiting for and you bought into it. Resonate? We crave certain foods, so we indulge and overstuff until we fill bloated or sick. Often when we crave something, our body is simply trying to send a message to us. Are we low on magnesium, potassium or water? Our bodies are also receiving station for secret messages from Spirit. Are we listening, or pushing the messages aside and overeating? How can we achieve radiant health? Unlock The Secret Messages of Your Body will answer these questions.

Unlock The Secret Messages of Your Body

Unlock The Secret Messages of Your Body

Did you know there are secret messages hidden in your cells? Do you know that uncovering these messages could have a profound effect on your health, as well as every aspect of your life? There are wondrous secrets in your cells, glands, and organs that can unveil countless insights about your life. As these perceptions are exposed, your radiance expands and your body becomes lighter and freer. Doesn’t that sound so inviting?

Most of us do not hear those messages because our body is clogged with inner static. This interference is not only caused by a lack of exercise and poor diet, it’s also a result of self-imposed, limiting beliefs and fears that have become lodged in our energy field.

Unlock The Secret Messages of Your Body is a 28-day jump-start radiant health program-based on the author’s original Soul Coaching(Reg TM) Program. You’ll learn to unweave hidden blockages within your DNA to initiate your natural life-force energy and your body’s spiritual radiance!

Each week is devoted to the specific properties of one of the four elements Earth, Wind Air and Fire. Chapter One is the Air Week – Clearing Your Mental Body. Chapter Two is the Water Week – Clearing Your Emotional Body. Chapter Three is the Fire Week – Clearing Your Spiritual Body, Chapter Four is the Earth Week – Clearing Your Physical Body, and Chapter Five is Quest – Beyond the 28 Days. There are exercises for each day that are divided into three levels. You decide which level you wish to participate in – Level 1 Committed to Change, Level 2 – Going for it and Level 3 – Playing Full Out!

Detox Kitchen Vegetables

Detox Kitchen Vegetables

Another great way to experience radiant health is to clean up your diet. Vegetables are great because there is such a huge variety and they are nutrient dense. They’re excellent sources of protein, fiber, iron, minerals and so much more. I get that veggies can be boring. This is where Detox Kitchen Vegetables come in. With 150 delicious feel-good recipes (all free from wheat, dairy, and refined sugar) you’ll celebrate the versatility of tasty, nutritious and abundant vegetables you can pick up seasonally.

This cookbook will get you hooked on eating 35 different vegetables by showing your clever recipes that are chock full of flavor. No crazy about Brussel sprouts? You might enjoy the Sprouts and spelt rigatoni with tomato-cashew sauce. Not diggin’ rhubarb either? You might change your mind when you taste the Rhubarb granita and banana ice cream sundae! For me it’s parsnips, I’ve always disliked their flavor, but the Honey-roasted parsnips and carrots may encourage me to revisit them.

The bold and colorful images are inspiring. They look so tempting and will invoke a desire to not only eat healthily but to make some creative recipes for your family. They don’t have to know it’s healthy. It’s a great transition book for those just trying to achieve radiant health and eat better as well as those who are looking for new recipes.