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What is Glamping and Why Should You Try it?

Glamourous or luxury camping, also known as “Glamping”, is a fantastic way to get back to the great outdoors and experience the beauty and freedoms of camping without depriving yourself of the comforts of home.

Gone are the messy days of building fires and putting up tents. Glamping allows you to snuggle down into a comfortable, warm bed after a hot shower. All the necessary kitchen accessories needed to create a yummy home, cooked meal are available to you and depending on where you are staying, you may be provided fully prepped, delicious meals right to your camp.

Leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind you, and escape to your very own secluded corner of the world. Climb a mountain, go on an adventure in the forest, take a dip in the open sea or explore a hidden cave, dare to be free without the limitations and discomfort of traditional camping.

Why Choose Glamping?

Plenty of Adventure
Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to the great outdoors. There are endless chances to enjoy your amazing surroundings. Flat over the glassy surface of a lake or river in a kayak, hit up some mountain bike trails, spend an afternoon seeking out local wildlife. The possibilities are endless.

Complete Comfort
If you are looking to experience a camping adventure but are not so into the thought of having to pitch a tent, sleep on the ground or shiver in your sleeping bag, glamping will give you the chance to snuggle right into a cozy bed at the end of the day. Not only that, but you will be able to have a hot shower too!

Benefit from Nature
There really is no better way to reconnect with nature than to spend a few days living within it. Glamping is an almost perfect way to experience all the amazing benefits of the great outdoors. Relish in the beautiful scenery, gain a new appreciation for the plants and animals that make up the forest, and breathe in the fresh air. Getting outside has many amazing health benefits that will have you returning home feeling rejuvenated and happy.

Next time you decide to book a travel experience, look at some of the fantastic glamping experiences that can be had all over the world. Now is certainly the time to get back to nature and you don’t have to be uncomfortable to do it.


  • I must admit that I like the idea of glamping, I’m too old to enjoy sleeping on the ground or a fold-away bed. This looks quite luxurious 🙂

  • This would be perfect since I have had many rainy wet tenting experiences and will probably never tent again.

  • I love the idea of Glamping. It would be great to enjoy the great outdoors with all the comforts of home.

  • I don’t quite get the appeal because I always went camping when I was young and although I had a trailer that’s where the luxury ended and I always had the best time.

  • I haven’t been camping in so long. The idea of glamping is much more appealing now that I am older (just can’t fathom sleeping on the cold, hard ground any more).

  • I think of all the types of camping glamping would be my favorite as the idea of putting a tent up and taking it down is intimidating.

  • Wow!!!! This sure is a BIG step up from my camping days long ago…lol Never even knew there was such a thing as Glamping!! As a senior, this IS they way to go, that is, IF you want to be out with nature. I can’t imagine….wow my grandma would be shocked if she were alive today and seen this… How times change. I believe I would still like staying in a hotel…… maybe. 🙂

  • Looks and sounds interesting. Never heard of it before Certainly beats sleeping on the ground with a damp sleeping bag.

  • Ok That kind of camping I could do. I am not normally a princes. I use power tools and dig holes but sleeping on the ground and cooking over a fire NO way.

  • I love to camp, but definitely can’t sleep on the ground any longer because of arthritis. This would be the perfect solution for me!

  • I couldn’t imagine camping in a tent with my 1 and 5 year old. Glamping is the way to go! We invested in a camper 3 years ago and it’s one of our best purchases.

  • Why not enjoy a more comfortable way to go camping. We always “roughed it” when we camped as kids. Now, however this glamping is way more appealing.

  • Wow I sure would love to go Clamping instead of camping where one wakes up with sore joints and quite often cold. Clamping sounds so much better and would be great waking up to a cooked meal instead of getting a fire going and waiting for water to boil so I can have camp coffee. I love nature and being outdoors enjoying the water and short hikes.

  • Glamping is definitely my kind of thing. i just find i enjoy myself more and find it more relaxing. Great way to be one with nature but feel like you are in the comfort of your home

  • This is an interesting twist on camping, I just may have to try it! (not to fond of traditional camping so far!)

  • I honestly love regular old fashioned camping but if I had the magical to try this shiny glamping comfort station .. just give me time to call my BFFs ,pack the wine and nice in a real bed pjs!! Oh ya I could get used to this!

  • Glamping sounds appealing now at my age for the comfort but I really do still love the tent with sleeping bags on the ground camping experience. love camping in our surrounding mountains and lakes/rivers, closer to nature!

  • Definitely the way to camp if you can! I do it all the time, when I am not actually pack riding or going deep into the high country. Its the way to camp comfortably.

  • I used to own a travel trailer and it was set up at a seasonal site, I loved it but it definitely was not camping it was home away from home, I miss it sometimes

  • I always sleep better outdoors, but my wife hates camping. Glamping might be a good compromise to get us out there together.

  • I love Glamping its like the comfort of your own home but with the opportunity to explore the outdoors.

  • I have read the camping is this way, not Glamping . Have to admit you make this glamping sound really good. But the truth is I would rather be in motel 6 then out in the outdoors. 🙂

  • Oh my gosh this looks wonderful. I only tried camping once and we had a lake storm. My husband kept on saying “You are such a good sport!” I haven’t tried it since but this looks like a little slice of heaven. Hhm. I will have to look into this. Thanks!

  • some might call it a cop out to camp this way but honestly it is the only way I will do it… it’s a great way to connect with nature and not everybody has the skill set to be a rough Wild free-spirited camper… so I love your review I think it’s spot-on and I wish more places actually offered the glamping style of camping… if I did it any other way I’d be eaten alive by bugs because I am sweet meat as they say here in the South LOL

  • I think it sounds amazing but some of the ones I’ve checked are more expensive than going to a hotel… I love nature and all, but I don’t have to worry about any bears or anything dragging off my family while I’m sleeping if I’m in a hotel. I’m a coward, lol.

  • I have been camping in a tent all my life. This looks amazing and hope to try it if it isn’t too expensive.

  • I’d love glamping, most of all because I cannot stand mosquitoes! I’d want a comfy bed surrounded by a romantic-looking mosquito net!

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