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SQUARE ONE Module 4 Live Tonight

SQUARE ONE Module 4: The Anti-Cancer Diet Part 2 is NOW PLAYING!

Watch HERE or click on the image below.

In Module 4, Chris goes even deeper into anti-cancer nutrition…

Topics include:

– The most powerful anti-cancer fruits
– My personal dietary journey
– Modifications you can make to the diet over time
– Raw food vs cooked food
– Whether or not to include animal protein
– How long you need to stay on a strict dietary protocol
– The ketogenic diet for cancer
– And more!

p.s. If you’ve enjoyed watching the free screening of SQUARE ONE as much as I have, Imagine being able to watch it anytime you want. Chris has made the entire SQUARE ONE program available to own (which includes his SQUARE ONE Guidebook and some essential bonuses) at half off. You can go here to learn more about it 🙂 below. Just click on the image.

Square One Program

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