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SQUARE ONE Module 6 Live Tonight

SQUARE ONE Module 6: How to Eliminate Stress & Heal Your Heart is LIVE!

What does every cancer patient feel immediately upon receiving a diagnosis?

Fear… and shortly after, the extreme weight of stress.

The key, is how you deal with it… and more importantly, how you remove stress from your life.

Chris covers the topic of stress in great detail. And what he says makes so much sense.

I imagine you’re going to have a lot less stress after watching this module 🙂

Here are the topics Chris is going to cover tonight:

– What stress really is
– The anatomy and physiology of stress
– Identifying the different sources of stress in your life
– Solving your problems
– Creating a peaceful life
– The secret to happiness
– The power of your thoughts
– Healing your heart
– Overcoming fear

Here’s the link to watch:

P.S. The SQUARE ONE series has been free to watch compliments of Chris Wark and his team. We are just over half way through Chris’ Coaching Program. I hope you’re taking advantage of his hospitality, taking notes, and TAKING ACTION.

If you’ve missed any of the Modules, or you want to watch them again, or share them with people you care about, Chris has made them available to own. And during the free screening event, you can save over 50% off the entire SQUARE ONE Program.

You can learn more about the discount package options and what’s included in the full SQUARE ONE Program right HERE!

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