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SQUARE ONE Module 8 Live Tonight

I love how Chris has organized this program… it truly is step-by-step and his level of knowledge and how he shares it has been awesome. It’s as if he’s right there with you every step along the way.

Well tonight, it’s no different.

Chris talks about why daily movement and restful sleep are so vital to helping your body heal and stay well.

Here’s what Chris covers in tonight’s module:

– The best exercise for your immune system
– Practical ways to move your body more
– Good and bad types of exercise
– The importance of sleep to healing
– How much sleep you really need
– How to create the right conditions for regenerative sleep
– To nap or not to nap…
– Taking a day of rest
– And more!

Module 8 is LIVE!

p.s. We are nearing the end of the free screening of SQUARE ONE. We are also nearing the end of Chris’ generous discount to own SQUARE ONE.

If you’ve missed any of the Modules, or you want to watch them again and share them with people you care about, now’s the time to take action. Click on image to view program.

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