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7 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Halloween is that time of year where kids load up on piles and piles of candy. But there is a new trend brewing in some neighborhoods. Instead of handing out candy, many homeowners are opting to give kids non-candy items. Let’s face it, when our children come home, we scrutinize their loot and toss anything that looks remotely suspicious or if their child has a specific allergy. What a waste of money. A safe option is to give things that kids won’t ingest and I have a few ideas to share.

Glow Sticks or Jewelry

Glow Sticks are bright, illuminating and produce a mesmerizing neon glow that kids dig. Plus they add a safety factor for children out in the darker hours while trick-or-treating. They will be more noticeable to drivers.


Kids love Halloween Stickers. These self-adhesive images can be used to decorate books, binders, bags and photo albums. Plus, there lightweight and won’t burden kids with any extra weight.


During this time of year, you can usually get Halloween inspired pencils that feature pumpkins, cats, ghosts, ghouls or tombstones. Or you can opt to hand out scented pencils that smell like various fruits.

Eerie Erasers

School erasers in fun Halloween shapes, sizes and colors are a great idea. Some of them will sit on the end of your favorite Halloween pencil.


Give children something fun and function like Play-doh. It comes in an assortment of colors and there is enough product to make a few small projects. This would be great for a teacher to hand out to her students.


Bookmarks are a practical gift. They can be used endlessly and they cost very little. Or you can opt to print your own. There are tons of free ones online that you can use and give away. I found some cute bookmarks HERE.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a great Halloween party favor idea and a fantastic alternative to candy. The glow in the dark tattoos are a fun way to keep kids visible while out trick-or-treating.

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