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Makko Ho Healing Modality

I love, love, love everything about energy healing. I love learning about all forms of energy work and I even practice various healing modalities like Qigong and EEM. And I recently received my Reiki Level I attunement. Despite the fact that there are some who are a little skeptical about energy healing, it’s becoming more and more popular. People want to approach healing on all levels – be it mind, body or spirit naturally and energy modalities just might be the way to go.

There are several healing modalities that are well established practical disciplines for moving life force energy like Reiki, EFT, Tai Chi, Theta Healing and Qigong. There are many others you may not be familiar with like Pranic Healing, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Restorative Touch, Mudras and many more.

Makko Ho Stretches

When I hear of a new technique, I like to check it out and discern if it’s something I want to integrate into my regime. Although this modality is not new, I just learned about Makko Ho. Makko Ho is a series of gentle wellbeing stretches created by Shizuto Masunaga, a Zen Shiatsu master, which are now part of his legacy. These stretches strengthen, tone and improve organ function while opening up the 12 major energy pathways known as meridians. They also improve circulation, stimulate nerves, increase flexibility, symmetrical skeletal alignment, increase libido, and improve overall good health.

Metal: lungs and large intestines
Earth: stomach and spleen
Primary Fire: heart and small intestines
Water: kidney and bladder
Secondary Fire: heart governor and triple heater
Wood: liver and gallbladder

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, each pair of meridians has a specific stretch and it’s important they be done in a particular sequence such as Metal, Earth, Primary Fire, Water, Secondary Fire, and Wood. There are six specific Makko Ho exercise, one for each phase, but it is suggested that you learn from a qualified teacher who can teach you the correct forms and postures.

As with any new modality, you have to use it for a while to see if it resonate with you, and more importantly, makes you feel better or improves your health in any way. I have not tried Makko Ho personally, as there are no practitioners where I live, but it does look interesting and worth trying at least.


  • I am hearing first time about Makko Ho Healing Modality. I know about Energy healing modality. And thanks for providing such an informative content on Makko Ho Healing Modality. Blessings.

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