10 Things To Love About October

I love autumn, with September and October being my favorite months. To me, it’s the best time of year. The weather is nice, the air is filled with aromatic spices and our landscapes are bursting with vibrant colors. In Canada, it’s also the kickoff to the holiday season. Our Thanksgiving is on the second Monday of October, so this year it’s on October 8th, which seems so early. But that won’t stop us from celebrating the holiday.

Like many, I’ve already started my holiday baking because I want to enjoy my guests instead of slaving away in the kitchen. You can relate, right? We also got our yard ready for winter, for the most part anyway. We raked leaves, put the lawn furniture away and put a leaf guard over our eavestroughs. We also serviced our vehicles so they are ready for the brutal temperatures ahead. I know these all sound like chores, but to me, they are more like seasonal must-dos if we want the winter and holiday season to flow seamlessly. Despite these necessary household tasks, there are many reasons to love October.

Colorful Leaves

autumn colors

October has the most breathtaking scenery. Depending on the variety of trees, you can get an array of glorious colors. I grew up with maple trees and every autumn I would look forward to the most vivid red leaves you can imagine. It just makes you wish the autumn season would last just a little longer.

Harvest Time

Harvest is a wonderful time of year when our favorite fruits and vegetables are ready for picking. Grapes, apples, beets, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, squash, and the list goes on. Pefect if you can or make your owe preserves.

Sunsets & the Harvest Moon

Even though the days are getting shorter, the skies are aglow with the most arresting sunset hues in October. The reds, pinks and oranges add beauty and warmth to the season. You can’t help but be in awe at this colorful splendor.

Autumn Spices

autumn pumpkin spice latte

It’s apple, maple and pumpkin spice season and that means baked goods like pies, muffins, cookies, coffee cakes, puddings, squares, tarts and so much more. It also includes drinks like pumpkin spice smoothies, shakes, lattes, frappuccino’s, coffee, apple cider and hot chocolate. Yum!

Autumn Scented Candles

autumn candles

There is nothing more fragrant than the earthy scents of autumn. Each season stores fill their shelves with deliciously scented candles – pumpkin spice, apple spice, nutmeg, cinnamon hot buns, apple cinnamon, ginger, chai and many more. They lift your spirits and make your home feel all cozy.

Cracklin’ Fire

The chill in the air turns our thoughts to a warm, cozy fireplace. The crackling logs and amber flickers create an intimate and mesmerizing ambience that’s perfect for reflection or snuggling up to a good book.

Cozy Throws

It’s cold and you just want to curl up and nestle in something warm. Plush and cuddly blankets with soft textures make you feel all toasty. I knit and crochet, so I always have five or six blankets for the family, including my pets to snuggle in.

Casseroles, Stews and Soups

Autumn means making hearty meals that are warming, healthy and delicious. Steaming hot soups, stews and casseroles are not only filling, but they’re also soothing to the soul. I make a lot of different vegan dishes with roasted veggies, seasoning and a vegetable broth. It always reminds me of my grandmother, which I find comforting.


It’s wonderful to have the family over for a visit and enjoy a scrumptious meal together. It’s also a time to ponder and to be grateful and thankful for everything we have on our lives.

Oldies Scary Movies

I admit I love the oldies when it comes to scary movies. Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Peter Cushing are all actors way before our time, but they were skilled at making the crowds scream. Today it may only be a soft scream, but they’re classics I like to watch every year.

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  • Looks like we kind of skip Autumn here. We had snow in the middle of September ,the end of September and today again.

  • Love Autumn, the colors and the rain. Still a lot of work putting the fresh produce away for the winter. I know that soon we will have less work to do outside as it will be covered with a blanket of snow.

  • I love Fall. The colors,flavor’s and the smells. I was so looking forward to seeing the full moon but it was to cloudy. NOW I have to wait another year to see that amazing orange orb.

  • I will readily admit there are some things I do like about October, however there are an awful lot I don’t like including the weather here (had a snow fall again last night) and anything to do with pumpkin spices or flavour.

  • Even though its crazy hot right now in fl…we get excited about even a couple degrees dropped….our version of fall. Love to decorate the porch???

  • Autumn is my favourite season also. Besides the wonderful colours of the trees and the crispness of the air, I remember the taste of MacIntosh apples and the smell of new shoe leather…every September we always bought new leather oxfords for our school uniform. I was always so excited for school to start.

  • I too love Autumn ? I would have never guessed that leaves dying would bring such colorful scenery!! Gorgeous!! I love the cooler weather and all the baking smells filling the air!
    But I have to admit that Spring is still my favorite season when everything comes alive again!!

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