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Crocheted Snowflakes for the Holidays

Christmas is on its way!

Decorating for the holiday season is something we look forward to every year. Honestly, once we’re in November, we start adding trinkets, lights and festive accessories inside and outside our home. Icicles, elves, snowmen, reindeer and snowflakes are synonymous with the holidays, and we can’t seem to get enough. The stores are bulging with every kind of adorable Christmas decorations and ornaments and people are loading their carts.

Somethings we buy, but we also love to put our heart and sole in several DIY craft projects. The Christmas Tree is usually the focal point. As an eco-friendly family, we never use real trees, so artificial it is. Of course, we have to strategically position the tree so it can be decorated from all angles.

We hang lots of stuff on our tree, but this year I’ve made several different kinds and shapes of crocheted snowflakes. Snowflakes are beautiful and you won’t find any one of them ever the same. They’re fun, easy and quick to make. I found a bunch of free patterns online and whipped up a few snowflakes last night.

Snowflakes for the Christmas Tree

I’ve been crocheting for years, so I enjoy making these. For those who are newbies to crocheting, I found a great pdf that offers twelve different snowflake patterns. The author gives detail instructions and visual images to follow. My young niece made several and she loved the experience. You can make them in different colors or add some lurex for that sparkly effect. You can never have enough snowflakes during the holiday season.

If you’re looking to make your own holiday crafts, starting with some snowflakes is a great way to usher in the festive season. Just click on the download button and start crocheting.


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