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Vegan Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and no matter what meal you are making, the day wouldn’t be complete without a scrumptious pumpkin pie. My mom used to bake apple and pumpkin pies for every holiday, so I’m very fond of them and they bring back lots of warm memories. Plus I love the scent of aromatic spices permeating the home, it’s heavenly!

As a vegan for several decades now, I rely on the oodles of recipe books I have that share animal-free meals, snacks and desserts. As I was perusing the plethora of books I have looking for a pumpkin pie recipe, I was surprised I didn’t have one. How’s that possible? But, with the magic of the internet, there are lots of free recipes to choose from.

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

The holiday season is something we all look forward to each autumn, but there can be some added stressors. Many are opting for healthier recipes or have to plan for a family member who is vegan or has food sensitivities. This requires some thought and being well prepared ahead of time. This will make the most festive time of year flow smoothly and hopefully without incident.

Plant-based recipes are everywhere and there are volumes of holiday-inspired ones that are easy to make with ingredients you most likely have in your home already. Plus it’s a great opportunity to try something different.


  • I made a vegan pumpkin pie for the first time today but I was making it while chatting with my mom, sister and sister-in-law and I forgot the cornstarch… Next time I’ll do better! We have a second thanksgiving dinner on Monday with my husband’s side of the family so I can try again!

  • I do not do a lot of baking but I bet this be good and also healthy at the same time.I thought the little leaves in the center were fabulous.How did you get them so perfect?

  • This recipe sounds very tasty .I’ll have to give it a try although I have no coconut sugar I’m guessing white granulated sugar will do just fine since it’s either made from beets or canes so still plants.
    Maple sugar would be good in there also I’m guessing. Thanks for the recipe, I’ll be giving this a try soon.

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