Fairies, Dragons & More Books

Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale! Hans Christian Andersen

Once upon a time in a far away enchanted land, there lived a thunder of celestial dragons… there lived a beautiful princess with fair skin… there lived a gentle but peculiar faerie… there lived a wicked sprite who loved to steal children. Most of us grew up reading fairytales that included wizards, good and evil spells and a host of elementals.

Thanks to Walt Disney, we’ve been enthralled and entertained with whimsical movies that took place in a magical realm fashioned after one of our beloved fairytales. But where did these stories originate? Are fairies, dragons and other elementals real? Many say yes. They have been the subject of many myths, folklore and legends. The following books share real life experiences and teach you how to connect with elementals.

A Fairy Treasury

A Fairy Treasury

The Fairy Treasury, the Ultimate Guide to the Enchanted Fairy Realm is a comprehensive handbook that will guide you through the mystical world of the fae. It was written by two women who have had personal experiences with fairies. They also chronicle real-life stories from other people who have been visited by different fairies.

The book begins by answering a deluge of repeatedly common questions which is a great starting point. What is a Faerie? Are there different breeds of faeries? Can a faerie be our spirit guide? Plus many more questions are answered. I found this section enlightening and immensely interesting. Did you know that not all faeries have wings? The next chapter shares the Faeries’ Almanac. You’ll learn about various faeries, like Tree Faeries, Earth Faeries, Blossom Faeries and more. Discover what kind of plants they love and will attract them into your garden.

Chapter 3 and 4 share faerie names and what they mean. An example is Hobgoblins — it’s a common term for bad faeries. Snow faeries are small white sprites believed to bring on frost and snow. Did you know there are Zodiac faeries? If you happen to be born under the Scorpio sign, then Subterranean faeries are associated with your sign. Chapters 5 and 6 cover the hierarchy of faeries and who the kings and queens are.

Do you believe in Faerie Godmothers? Did you know they are real? Chapter 7 will help you connect with your own faerie godmother. I really enjoyed Chapter 9, Faeries in Culture. It discusses famous faeries that have been memorialized in poems, plays, and parables. The Blue Faerie appeared in the Disney film Pinnochio. Tinkerbell, Sugar Plum Faerie, and the Tooth Faerie are mentioned and familiar to us.

Skipping to Chapter 13, the Land of Faerie, you’ll discover that they live in other dimensions, but there are doorways to their land. Further, in this book, you’ll learn how you can transform your garden into a faerie haven. There are several faerie meditations in the book and many suggestions on how to connect with them. You also learn which oils, crystals and candle colors welcome faeries into your space.

Dragons, Your Celestial Guardians

Dragons, Your Celestial Guardians

Just like fairies, dragons are real and live in the 4th and higher dimensions. They are elemental beings from the angelic realm and they are here to help and protect us. Even though dragons are depicted as evil, vicious beasts in films, they are extremely clever, courageous,  and open-hearted beings that have great affection for Earth and its inhabitants.

This book is divided into five parts, Dragons and Their History; Fourth-Dimensional Dragons; Fifth to Seventh Dimensional Dragons; Dragons That Work With Archangels and Masters; and finally Galactic Dragons. Each section has several chapters with an exercise at the end of each chapter. Collectively they share that the journey to dragon mastery is threefold. First, to develop feminine and masculine dragon qualities, second, master the elements and third, stay aligned with your truth and power at all times.

The first section talks about the dragons and their history up to the present day. The Cosmic Moment happened at 11.11 a.m. on December 21, 2012. It marked the end of the period of Atlantis and ushered in the 20-year transition to the new Golden Age of Aquarius, the 6th Golden Age on this planet, which begins in 2032. 2015 was also another historic year. The Stargate of Lyra opened fully, allowing the golden-white dragons of Lyra, along with many 7th dimension unicorns to come to Earth to help prepare us for the new Golden Age.

The second section covers the wise and big-hearted 4th-dimensional dragons who love humans, nature and Earth. These include earth, air, fire and water dragons. They have the ability to delve deep into dark vibrations and blow away or wash out lower energies or obstacles in our path. The third section introduces you to the fifth to seventh-dimensional dragons. They are here to help humanity prepare for the new Golden Age. Some of these include the Golden Christed, Lilac Fire, Rainbow, Black, Rose Pink and Golden Atlantean dragons. The center of the book has beautiful illustrations showing some of the different dragons.

The fourth section discusses dragons who work with Archangels and ascended masters. While the archangels hold a vision and their dragons clear the lower energies that block the pure intention. Thor works with red, black and gold dragons, Quan Yin with pink dragons and Archangel Gabriel with white crystal dragons are just a few covered. The last section introduces readers to Galactic Dragons. They come from the stars or planets in the universe and carry extremely high frequencies and incredible wisdom. Since 2015 these beautiful high-frequency spiritual beings have been able to connect with humans and share their knowledge.

I love this book. It’s so informative and will broaden our knowledge about dragons and their purpose. Through the visualizations and exercise in this book, we can tap into their frequency and expand our consciousness.

Moonology Oracle Cards

Moonology Oracle Cards

The position of the planets and the moon phases have a compelling effect on our daily lives. The Moonology Oracle Deck was designed to help us work with the moon and tap into its feminine wisdom. We can use this deck to gain insight and clarity so we can make better and conscious decision that will bring about positive changes in our lives.

The deck has a mystical essence and features the moon phases on the back. There are 44 cards and it comes with a guidebook to interpret the cards you pull. Each card has a celestial image along with a message. They are named after a moon phase —full moon, new moon, quarter moon, crescent moon, and a super moon. This deck is a powerful spiritual and divination tool that will guide, alert, heal and protect you. They can be used to create, plan and even predict things in your life. The deck can offer guidance on relationships, goals, dreams, health, love, success, family, finances, travel and more. It’s a lovely deck and perfect for my collection.

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