Littlest Pet Shop Galaxy & Hungry Pets

Who wouldn’t wish they could talk to animals like Blythe from Littlest Pet Shop? As a young aspiring fashion designer, she moved to the Big City with her dad. They took an apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop and Blythe’s life has never been the same. It’s here that she discovered that she had the ability to talk to animals. Kids love this idea and try to emulate Blythe’s abilities with pretend play and a whole bunch of Littlest Pet Shop pets. Hasbro has a few new Littlest Pet Shop toys and they’re going to be hot this holiday season.

Littlest Pet Shop Galaxy Pets Pack

These LPS toys are truly out of this world with a cosmic theme and galaxy glowing greatness. That’s right, these little Cosmic Pounce darlings glow in the dark. The kit comes with four classic pets, seven teensie pets, a habitat, one clip, one key and a product pamphlet.

There is one teensie hidden inside the star locket and you’ll need the enclosed key to open it. Inside is Stellar Gold Mouse and she is special because she has gold glitter on her head. None of the teensies have moving parts, but the classic pets have bobbleheads. All the characters in this cosmic collection are multi-colored with harmonious rainbow hues. They actually really pretty and the kids adore them.

Littlest Pet Shop Hungry Pets

The Littlest Pet Shop Hungry Pets comes in packaging that looks like a food can. It even has the pull tab on top for kids to crack open and pull back. Inside will reveal one of ten different LPS pets. You won’t know which one is inside until you crack open the can. The LPS Hungry pets are classic sized pets with bobbleheads. Secret Code: cuddly.

Each of the LPS Hungry pet characters are dressed up just like your favorite foods. They come with three themed accessories and the food outfits are removable. Pickles Catsbury is a little kitty that’s dressed up in a burger outfit and comes with a pickle and drink accessory. Banana Monksley is adorable or what. He comes with a banana outfit, a hat and a tiny banana accessory. Kids will have hours of playtime adventures with these yummy looking pets.

Disclaimer: I received product to faciliate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.