Asian Inspired Note Cards

Right now everyone is in a festive mood and we’re high on eggnog. Our eyes are glazing over from all the decadent treats, and the fireplace is roaring holiday warmth. Most of us have our homes all cozy with Christmas decor and our trees are burdened with ornaments. I think some of us still have a little holiday baking to do and then there is the gift wrapping. I don’t wait. When I buy a gift for someone, I wrap it as soon as I get it home and put it under the tree.

When we think of all the gifts we will be receiving or anticipating this year, how many of us send cards to thank the giver for their kindness and thoughtfulness. Do we take these gifts for granted? Writing a note of gratitude is gracious and will show our appreciation. This year I will be sending some gorgeous Asian inspired note cards to acknowledge their gift and to express my humble gratitude.

Cherry Blossom Note Cards

The Cherry Blossom Note Cards comes with 12 high-quality 6 x 4″ blank cards and 12 cream colored envelopes. There are six different artistic cherry blossom prints with two cards in each. The delicate cherry blossoms are featured in a variety of different colored backgrounds from subtle to bold. Cherry blossoms, also called Sakura, have been very popular in Japanese culture for many centuries and are deemed their national flower. These pretty blossoms only bloom for two weeks and they represent the fragility and beauty of life. Recipients will appreciate the beauty of these lovely Cherry Blossom Note Cards.

Chiyogami Note Cards

The Chiyogami Note Cards also come with 12 beautifully decorated blank cards with envelopes. There are six different prints with two cards in each print as well. These repetitive designs are characteristic of typical Japanese graphics that feature a host of fancy florals, ocean waves and adorable kittens on vivid backgrounds. Asian inspired illustrations always seem to have a tranquil effect on people which is why they make great note card art. Secret code: Arigato.

If you want to really show your appreciation to all the people who took the time to choose a gift for you this holiday season, take a moment to write a heartfelt thank you.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.