Children’s Cookbooks

Today’s generation of young children are far more focused and intuitive than I was when I was a kid. They’ve got goals and big aspirations and they’re acting on them. Some of them are accomplishing some amazing feats so early on in their lives. Cooking is one of those big ventures. There are several cooking shows on television where young kids compete for the title of junior chef. More and more kids are basically starting their careers in junior high or earlier. Young Gordon Ramsay’s and Rachel Ray’s are popping up everywhere and parents and mentors are encouraging them to go big. For those newbies who have hopes of being the next young culinary superstar, new cookbooks are available for them to hone their skills.

Mom and Me Cookbook

The Mom and Me Cookbook is a perfect beginner recipe book for kids. It’s filled with big, bold and colorful images of real kids and their moms making the recipes. All the recipes are simple to make and easy to follow with step-by-step visual instructions. The introduction page shares tips and the eleven different cooking skills they will learn from mixing to kneading. It also shows images and the name of the utensils and equipment they’ll need to make the included recipes. These same images will show up in the legend at the top of each recipe so kids will know at a glance what items they’ll need. Other symbols included in the legend are the number of people it will serve and when an adult is needed to help make the recipe.

Some of the recipes to make are Potato Mice, Avocado Frog Dip and Raspberry Ripple Cheesecake. Kids will have fun in the kitchen and feel a big sense of accomplishment when they are able to make tasty and nutritious meals for their family.

Eat Your Greens, Reds, Yellows and Purples

Eat your greens, reds, yellows and purples will introduce kids to a rainbow of vegetables and the value of vegetarian cooking. Kids naturally gravitate to vivid colors and this cookbook is filled with bright images of vegetables and kids cooking them. This cookbook is divided into five colored sections that reflect the color of vegetables, so the reds will only focus on recipes that use red vegetables, and so on. Each section has an introduction page where kids will meet fruits and veggies of that specific color.

The introduction page shows all the utensils and equipment they’ll need. There is a key that explains other symbols like prep time, cooking time, serves and when an adult is needed for safety reason. Preparing Your Ingredients page will teach kids how to carefully peel, cut and spoon various vegetables. All these instructions are images of kids doing each step.

Kids will learn to appreciate the nutritional in the different vegetables we have access to and to incorporate them into tasty dishes. Some of the recipes kids will make are Zucchini frittata (green), Red pepper hummus (red), Fruity raisin granola (purple), Cornbread mountain (yellow) and Sweet potato omelet (orange). This children’s cookbook is beautifully laid out and a lot of fun for kids to learn more than 20 vegetarian recipes.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.