Hasbro Little Big Bites

Hasbro is by far my favorite toy company. They are always coming out with innovative, exciting and fun new toy lines. Recently they came out with a line of adorable little critters that bite called Little Big Bites. They come in sealed crates for your protection because they are hungry and will bite anything that is close to their mouth. So be careful with these highly interactive characters!

Little Big Bites

Little Big Bites

Little Big Bites are being released in various series. So in Series 1, which is now available, you can collect all 24 of the different characters from all over the universe. Eeek, how exciting. You won’t know what you get until you open the crate. Inside each crate is one Little Big Bite figure, a keychain that has a theme inspired accessory attached, a stand and a collectors guide. The crates are keepers where you can store your Little Big Bite and their accessories. I received six Little Big Bites and two of them were duplicates — good if you have kids want the same character.

On the bottom of each Little Big Bites feet, you’ll see a notch that fits perfectly on the display stand. All the stands are the same color as the crate and have cute little animal prints on it. The included guide shows all the hungry characters you will have fun collecting from eight different categories. These categories are Out of the Woods, Way Far Away, Deep Blue Sea, Hot Spots, Myths & Legends, Town & Country, Prehistoria, and Ponds and Plains. If you look at the guide, some of the characters come in either a yellow box or a blue box. Although it’s not clear on the guide what the difference is, I’m assuming it’s a different series. Yay, more to collect!

Little Big Bites

When you open the packaging, you’ll see a hole in the center of the crate. If you’re brave enough, you can stick your finger in the hole and see what happens, or see what bites you. The characters are basically little animals with exaggerated jaws and teeth. The bite is gentle, even for small children. To close the characters mouth, just push gently on the red part of their tongue and they will snap their big chops together.

All the Little Big Bite characters are so cute and their colors are vibrant. They have a little mobility in that you can turn their heads and open their mouth. Each one has a lot of detail on their bodies and their marking or color are specific to them. The unicorn, for example, has a cute little white horn, a rainbow-colored mane and its body is a sparkly pink color, the hippo has yellow teeth and so on.

Another cool feature is that you can join the Little Big Bites. Just clamp the teeth of one onto the feet of another to create a chain of Little Big Bites. Kids can attach them to their backpacks, their belt, and even their shoes. Kids will love them and want to collect the whole set.

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.