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Bunnies are symbolic of new life during the spring months when everything is fresh and bursting with new growth. Bunnies are also one of the integral commercial symbols that represent the Easter holidays. According to folklore, it’s said that the Easter Bunny got its origin in Germany centuries ago. These cute, fluffy and adorable little animals happily hop around leaving colored eggs in hidden places for well-behaved children. Whatever its inception, bunnies are accepted as a normal part of the Easter holiday season.

Of course, no Easter holidays would be complete without the chocolate bunnies and an abundance of creme eggs and the stores are filled with all kinds of these confections. Our family tries to stay away from these sugary treats and choose to included bunnies in other ways, like books. DK has a variety of interactive books and several of them are specifically about bunnies.

Crunch! Munch! Bunny

Crunch! Munch Bunny is an interactive board book that’s light activated. It engages curious toddlers to open flaps and experience various sounds. As children flip open the pages, they are greeted with appealing illustrations and a secret flap.  Each page has a flap that when opened shares a unique sound from a noisy baby animal. The stuffed animal characters are charming, the colors are vivid and the storyline is inviting with its rhythmic content. It’s a great book for babies and toddlers.

Pick Me Up Bunny

The Pick Me Up Bunny board book was created to look like a pet carrier with a peek through window and easy carry handle. The story is about a fluffy little bunny named Bouncer and his four friends. Toddlers and preschoolers will learn what Bouncer the bunny eats every day. He’s looking for some juicy sweet and crunchy carrots, so he asks his friends. They are eating their favorite food and offer to share their meal, but Bouncer is craving some carrots. Filled with attractive images, this cute little picture book can be carried where ever your toddlers go. Secret code: nibble.

Baby Touch and Feel Bunny

The Baby Touch and Feel Bunny board book is a tiny book for tiny hands. It’s full of adorable images of bunnies and their friends. This book is all about texture so kids can develop their tactile and sensory skills. Toddlers and preschoolers can see, feel and experience different surfaces by touching different areas on each page. Each page has a different texture with easy words for toddlers to develop their language and reading skills while expanding on concepts of color, shapes and patterns.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


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